KISU Primary Newsletter

Number 520..................................... 7th May 2022

Directors Message

First of all a great big welcome to KISU's newest and youngest student. After a really hectic couple of hours in our new crèche Hugo (21 months old) has decided to take a rest!

People that know me know that I am never short of words but both Primary and Secondary have been doing so much I will leave you to just see what we have been doing.

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Parent/Teacher Association

The Parent/Teacher Association at KISU has, over the years, been a very strong force in bringing the KISU family together. As we continue to move back to more normal times we would like to bring together parents and teachers who are interested in being involved in the PTA. Thank you to the people that responded last week but we still need more people to come forward. If you are interested in being part of the PTA please contact me at and I will arrange a meeting in the relatively near future. The formal restructuring of the PTA will take place at an AGM at the start of the next academic year.

End of the Day

Before we get stuck into celebrating and showcasing this week's learning, I must take this opportunity to share with you my concerns over the end of day expectations and current routines regarding the safety of all of our KISU pupils.

It has been noticed, that some pupils are being signed out by drivers or parents and then 'abandoned' as such or given permission by this adult (now responsible for them) to have free reign of the school campus. When an adult signs against a pupil's name on the sign out sheets at the end of the day, then the child is no longer the responsibility of staff members and is the sole responsibility of the adult. This routine informs all staff who has picked a child up and that the child is with a trusted adult and not unsupervised on site. Unfortunately this is not the case with some children who are remaining on campus unsupervised by their adult (and also unsupervised by staff having handed them over to the adult).

Quite by chance, I met a child by the swimming pool who was all on his own as his driver chatted with a friend in the car park. When asked why he was there and if he had been signed out, he shrugged at the first question and said "Yes" to the second. This irresponsibility on the adult's part could have had the most disastrous outcome that doesn't bear thinking about and it is also very unfair to place that worry on others through neglecting important parental and adult responsibility.

Also, some children seem to be 'allowed' to run around the car park, in-between cars and larger vehicles, distracted by play and unaware of moving vehicles. It is for the adult in charge to challenge this behaviour and stop this from happening. Staff do not let this behaviour happen when they have responsibility of the children. Please support us by signing out your child and keeping them with you. If there is a time difference between picking up siblings, children must to sit in the car out of harms way and be constantly supervised by their parent or driver. Thank you for your support in this very important matter.

Earth Week

Earth week this week saw a united effort from our students to help SAVE THE PLANET. The importance of acting now to make a difference cannot be stressed enough; these are the children whose planet depends on us to make a difference NOW, before it is too late. This week children have learnt about how and why we need to make changes, what difference we can make, what will happen if we don't, how to make positive alternative choices and how to educate and influence others to do the same. There is a famous quote by Mark Twain that basically sums up the fact that some people are oblivious (or rather, are choosing to be oblivious) to the astronomical damage that we (as a collective species) are doing to the Earth in terms of irreparable damage), however, I truly believe that KISU students have the knowledge, power and drive to make a positive impact. These children will not 'pass the buck' nor 'bury their heads in the sand', I have seen KISU pupil's passion this week to want to contribute to world change and make the difference that needs to happen.

"What get's us into trouble, is not what we don't know,

It's what we know for sure, that just ain't so!"

(Mark Twain)

Here's a poem that I love very much but makes me sad, it had a real impact on a Year 5 class that I taught a good few years ago, the problem is that it is even more relevant today than it was when I used it with my first class over 20 teaching years ago...

My name is “Couldn’t care less”, just let the forests die,

My name is “Can’t be bothered”, who cares about holes in the sky?

My name is “I’m too busy”, let someone else do the worrying,

There’s nothing that I can do, if the ice caps are wearing thin.

My name is “Leave me alone”, just don’t go preaching to me,

Gossip is what I care about, not oil that’s spilt in the sea.

My name is “I’m alright Jack”, there’s really no cause for alarm,

Hens are silly birds, who cares if they suffer at the factory farm?

Who cares about global warming? I like a spot of hot weather,

My name is “Sit on the fence”, my name is “All of a dither”.

So stop saying what I should think, I don’t want to believe what I’m told,

My name is “Hope it will go away”, My name is “Don’t get involved”.

And who do you think you are, telling us all we should worry?


(Brian Moses)

And here's a reply to the prolific writer Brian Moses from a very non-famous author (me!!!)

My name is “I Care Lots”, Let’s stop this devastation,

My name is “All Pull Together”, to save all of creation.

My name is “I Can Help”, to stop burying rubbish by the tonne,

We’re running out of landfill sites, let’s recycle what we can.

My name is “This Concerns Everyone”, animals are forming an extinction queue,

Deforestation is replacing, the wildlife and trees that grew.

I know I’m just one single person, in a world with billions in tow,

My name is “Let’s Stand Together”, and end this destructive show.

(Zoe Wise)

Earth day workshop

On Thursday, some of the older students were able to participate in a paper making workshop where they made their own recycled paper; soaking old paper, blending it to a pulp, using a mesh screen to create its form, and lastly, drying it in the sun. Year 5 and Year 6 pupils are now expert paper makers and had great fun learning this craft. The workshop leaders also brought with them many beautiful products created with paper and these cards, notebooks and other items will be available for you to purchase and buy at the Art Jam event planned on 14th May. Please do pop down and have a look a week on Saturday, they are very beautiful and would make a perfect gift, if not a gift for yourselves!
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Music this week

In line with their topics, KS2 students have explored different activities in the music lessons including working in small groups while creating music, listening to music with focus and analyzing its composition using music vocabulary, playing instruments together, developing the use of dynamics, “call and response” and lots of singing. It was so exciting for the year 4 class trying out a Ugandan dance as they practiced for their assembly due next week -watch this space. KS2 choir also did a great job in training their voices to become better, mastering how to pitch high notes and becoming better singers through various voice drills and songs.

Being Earth Week, children have sung several songs about how to save the earth and climaxed with singing all together as one during our KS2 choir session and during assembly. It is through such skills that students have an opportunity to build on these skills, enrich their lives and experience the world from a new perspective. Here are KS1 & 2 practising our whole school Earth song...

Big box recycling in KG3

For KG parents:

We all know as parents that feeling of excitement and joy when your young child's birthday is coming up and we want to get them a gift that they will truly enjoy. The happiness you feel giving your child something that you know they will love, something that is of personal interest, something sentimental, something that will excite them. Your child's happiness fills you with happiness! A trampoline to help develop their coordination, a new bike to help develop their balance control, a sandpit for them to inadvertently learn about capacity, role play making sand pies or mark make in the sand. And then that feeling dawns on you... that no matter what you give as a loving gift, your child will always love the huge box it comes in more!!!

Children in KG3 have recycled and turned huge boxes into an outer space environment which they have enjoyed using to count stars and explore, play and enjoy with their recycled (toilet roll) rockets! They will always use their birthday present once the novelty of 'the big box' has worn off, I am sure!

Reception children's promises

In Reception, children have taken a pledge to take care of the planet Earth. Read on to see what they have promised...

On the subject of promises...

We said that we would not waste food this week, and the students kept this promise. When children have finished their meal, they are allowed to go back and have a further portion if they so desire. Sometimes children miscalculate their stomach size or their appetite and unfortunately some food waste occurs, however, we really thought hard this week about eating the right amount of food, (asking for a tiny bit more or a smaller portion, ) to rid food waste... Look at our empty plates and full stomache! We will continue to try to keep this promise everyday!

Reception children also reused old empty tin cans to make pencil holders and a beautiful decorative hanging. Have a go at home! What can you make out of an old tin can?

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Year 5's week at a glance

As the students’ discovery mode was set last week, their minds’ ignition started this week as they launched their creativity and knowledge skills. Students indulged in discovering more facts about space and the planets; they shared all the new information discovered and discussed each others’ ideas and were stunned by so many new scientific facts.

Students also released their imagination as they put their knowledge about plays and play-scripts into practice while writing the scenes they shared in their assembly. Students made sure they discussed the topics they are most concerned about this week, Space and the Earth. They divided the roles, decided on their costumes and practiced their lines; every student participated to make their assembly enjoyable.

Moreover, with it being Earth Week; students participated in various morning activities regarding how to take care of nature, reduce pollution and contribute to saving the world! They discovered how recycling takes place and even took turns to make recycled paper. It was a week loaded with fun learning and year 5 are looking forward to many more!

What have Year 6 done this week?

Year 6 got hands-on this week for Geography and Earth Week! In geography we covered weathering and erosion; namely chemical, physical, and biological weathering. Students experimented with the impact of wind and water on soil and rocks, while also looking at how the acidity in rain impact rocks. Erosion and weathering will be on full display (on a much larger scale) when students visit Murchison Falls later this term!

House points and Certificate Award Winners this week:

Bwindi scores the highest number of house points this week meaning they achieved the most merits across the school, well done team! Kibale were awarded the second highest number of merits this week, great job! Semliki scored the third highest number of points and Otukei achieved ever so slightly less. The running total are very close and I am not revealing who is currently in the lead this week, as I know the suspense will drive the children's competitiveness to earn even more merits next week!


KG1,2 - Mackay Elotu and Damani focusing caring.

KG3 - Alpha for Inquiry and Green for Risk Taking.

Reception - Jonathan for Knowledge and Oscar for Communication.

Year 1CN - Akudzweishe for Communication and Vihaan for Knowledge.

Year 1EN - Henrietta and Amaanya for being so reflective.

Year 2 - Aadya for being a reflective learner, Francella for knowledge, Kahaan for risk taking.

Year 3 - Trinity for critically thinking and Michimasa for sharing his great knowledge.

Year 4 - Azad for demonstrating inquiry skills.

Year 5 AH - Noon for being principled.

Year 5FS - Myra for being balanced.

Year 6 - Cherie for Critical Thinking.

Well deserved all!

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We have a chess superstar in the making! Congratulations to Hridhaan Raval who recently won GOLD in the under 9 Chess Tournament he competed in. Hridhaan has only competed twice in formal competitions, as he hasn't been playing chess for long. Last time he won SILVER before winning this last competition. What an amazing achievement and an incredible track record he is building! Hridhaan, all of us at KISU are very proud of you and we can't wait to hear how you get on in your next tournament.

There are many benefits to playing chess, here are just a few...

  • Develops perspective.
  • Improves memory.
  • Deepens focus.
  • Elevates creativity.
  • Boosts planning skills.
  • Increases self-awareness.

Why don't you consider taking up this sport and challenge our superstar to a game?

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Outdoor Education and Trips:

Please complete your child's permission slip for their exciting Outdoor Ed trip coming up this month. Teachers have worked hard this week completing all the necessary paperwork and booking forms and these letters will be going home this week and next week and need to be returned asap. Please also ensure that your emergency contact details are current (mobile phone numbers and emails), Thank you.

ISSAK Sports:

On Saturday 21st May the U11 boys and girls basket ball team and the U9 boys basket ball team will be competing against other International school teams at ISU. Coaches are finalizing the details and will share information with team players families.

Next Years Calendar

Please find attached the school calendar for the next academic year. I have had some enquiries this week from parents and staff about dates next year, i hope that this enables all to plan for the long term.

Lastly, don't forget Mother's Day this weekend!

Reception Class made cards today as Mother's Day falls on Sunday the 8th. Without these lovely pictures sent to me from Ms Varsha, I admit that I too would have forgotten! Thank you Ms Varsha for these cute pictures of the children's cards and for helping your class to create these lovely tokens of love for all the children's mummies.

Have a lovely weekend and Happy Mothering Sunday to all Mums.