newton's 1st law- seatbelt safety

by ; madison lovering

Why it's important to wear a seatbelt

You need to wear a seatbelt because you could fly out of the car and go through the windsheild,because newtons first law says; "an object in motion stays in motion,and an object in rest stays in rest." and if the car is in motion,then you are in motion,therefore,you fly out of the car because of the push.

Why this relates to newton's 1st law.

This relates to newton's 1st law because if you have a seatbelt on then your seatbelt pulls you back so you don't fly out.The friction of the seatbelt stops the acceleration of you flying through the windsheild.


i got the information in my journal and background information,and i got the pictures by drawling them on microsoft paint.