Chapter 22 Goals For Learning

By: Elena Brichacek

Reasons for the Spanish American War

  1. People in Cuba were be treated unfairly by the Spanish government

  2. There were americans and American businesses in cuba

  3. President McKinley offered to buy Cuba from Spain but Spanish said NO!!!!!!!

  4. The USS Maine exploded and the Americans declared war

  5. President sent the USS Maine to Cuba

Outcome of the Spanish-American War

  • The United States took control of Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and Guam.

  • The war marked the end of the Spanish empire in the Americas and the Pacific.

  • The US established its position as a world power by controlling islands in the Pacific hemisphere

America expanded in the Pacific and became a stronger nation

  • Hawaiian Islands were made an American territory
  • America had the ability to increase trade with the Far East

Theodore Roosevelt's reforms and the impact the Progressive movement

  • His reform => American workers should receive a "square deal"
  • Impact=> pass laws to correct the country's problems
  • Promoted night school, where immigrants learned English
  • Learn about American democracy and citizenship

Accomplishments of President Roosevelt

  • Developed the "Square Deal," a domestic program formed around three C's: conservation of natural resources, control of corporations, and consumer protection

  • Promoted the conservation movement and placed millions of acres of land under federal protection to preserve America's natural resources
  • Achievements of President Taft and the election of Woodrow Wilson

    President Taft => Passed the Sixteenth Amendment codifying the federal government's authority to tax income without apportioning it among the states,Support and signed law to create Children's Bureau to investigate matters pertaining to welfare of children

    Election of Woodrow Wilson => 28th president of the United States of America, Federal Reserve Act , Federal Trade Commission Ac