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Daisy Have Been Seen With Gatsby?

Whats Going On?

It Has Been Said That Once Before Gatsby And Daisy Has Once Had An Affair! But Wait, Haven't Tom And Daisy Had A Baby? Reporters Say That Tom Know Nothing About Whats Going On. Whiteness Say That Gatsby Did Invite Tom To One Of His Parties!Do You Think He Was Doing That Just So He Could Have Gotten Closer To Daisy?

Old Money!!!!

Does tom really know about Daisy Being Out And About With Gatsby (New Money)
Tom was from the old money; his family had been wealthy for many years. Daisy claims that she was in love with Gatsby, but he did not have the money she was expected to marry. Therefore, when Tom was introduced to Daisy, Daisy and Gatsby use to have a little relation a couple years ago butt they didnt get to continue. daisy couldnt marry gatsby because he was new money( Sorta Like a Romeo And Juliet )