Healthy Tips to Protect Skin this summer

Summer means sun, shorts, sandals, bathing suits, and bronzed skin. But with beach hair and shorter hemlines comes the dangers that not only instigate the probability of skin cancer, but the aging process as well. Sun exposure is, essentially, subjecting yourself to sun damage – but in the same note, avoiding the outdoors altogether is both impractical and nearly impossible. Thus, taking preventative measures in preparing and caring for it are crucial in keeping your skin in tip-top condition for the ultimate skin-baring season.

Here are few tips for the Prevention skin problems-

· Simple way is to stay out of direct exposure to sunlight during the peak hours of the day.

· You can protect yourself by wearing hats, sunglasses, long sleeved cotton shirts.

· Stay in a shaded spot or take an umbrella while going out.

· For treating burns, apply chamomile tea in the burnt area. It acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

· Apply aloe Vera gel thrice a day to cool down your skin and give a healing touch.

· Rubbing the burnt area with a cucumber slice immediately cools your skin.

· Add baking soda to bathing water. The bicarbonate in the soda will help to reduce the irritation, itchiness and softens the skin.

· Rinse the affected area with antibacterial soap to get relief from itching and irritation.

· Tap dry the skin with smooth towel after you bathe and then apply talcum to keep it dry.

· Wear loose fitting clothes, which can allow aeration to the skin.

· Drink more water, at least 3 to 4 liters a day to stay hydrated.

· Drink lime juice 2 to 3 times a day in hot summer that will help you to cool down your body.

· Avoid creams and lotions on the skin that may cause closure of sweat glands.

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