American Culture Around the World

By Kaitlin Foley

American Culture Around the World Today

  • American culture influences many other countries throughout the world.

  • It influence the food they eat, the clothes they wear, the movies and tv shows they watch, how they speak, and much more.

  • The popular culture from our country influence other countries in many ways.

  • The main reason we influence so many countries and places around the world is because the United States is a dominant world power.

  • American culture went global soon after the first world war and only became more prevalent from then on.

Different Forms of Influence Around the World


  • Media has brought American expressions and words all over the world.

  • The internet, tv shows, movies, songs, video games, and much more has all exposed other countries to American slang.

  • “OK” is an expression that countries all over the world have accepted and have adopted as their own.

  • American language has also influenced British English as well, changed the refined language into a little something more.

  • There is about 2 billion people that speak some type of English and most of which that have chosen the American English to speak.

The picture shows a chart with the percentage of languages spoken around the world.


  • America has a gigantic market when it comes to media, the main reason why their influence in the media stretches so far.

  • Another reason in because they constantly change the technology they are using as well as the variety of types of shows they present to their viewers.

  • People from countries all around the world are fans of American shows; they started with a small amount of viewers but later got a universal audience.

The picture above shows different types of media located throughout the world.


  • Around the world, most people recognize and have respect for Hollywood.

  • While some American influence in other countries is frowned upon, Hollywood usually has a positive connotation among people internationally.

  • Modern movies have been adored by people all over the planet.

  • These motion pictures have influenced how other people in other countries see American, and the land that they inhabit.

  • Sometimes, these stereotypes annoy American travellers when they go to other countries, but they only person they can blame is the American movie media makers themselves.

The image above depicts the Hollywood sign.


  • American authors are well liked around the world today, especially in terms of popular literature today.

  • Most of the popular American authors are outcasts or individualists. They sometimes spin their writings to a more serious view, making fun of American and the ideals that it is supposed to stand for, but not always lives up to.

  • People around the world enjoy these thought provoking works.

  • Some popular authors in the past have included Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, T. S. Eliot, Robert Frost, and John Steinbeck.

The picture shows some forms of literature.


  • Popular forms of music that started in the U.S. and gained popularity throughout the world would include ragtime, blues, country western, jazz, hip-hop, rap, and rock and roll.

  • There are also many famous musicians from the U.S. that have hit it off with the rest of the world.

  • Popular music reigns throughout the world for the most widely known types of music.

The image above shows a Rock n' Roll cartoon logo.


  • The United States of America became the the hub for modern art, at some point so it seems.

  • American popular art once again gained popularity for its variety and the various types of art the many different authors came up with.

  • It’s creative and energetic art swept across the world, inspiring many.

  • The global community was intrigued by the new forms of art that American kept coming up with, and took it and ran with it.

The picture shows some modern art.


  • The most popular games in American sports are baseball and American football.

  • Both of these games are played in this country, but not really anywhere else in the world.

  • Basketball originally came from the U.S. and is a universal sport today.

  • Though other American sports aren’t played globally, they are becoming more recognized over the world and may gain popularity in the future. Then again, so may everything else.

The image shows a baseball field, playing field of a popular American sport.

My Reaction

I really enjoyed doing this project and learning about what parts of American culture have gone global, and what aspects have not. I also thought it was interesting seeing other country’s people’s perspectives on American culture and the spread of it throughout the world. Whether or not their perspective was positive or negative it was still intriguing to learn about it.

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