Nurses Notes

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The nurses are working hard to keep you informed and up to date with health information in regards to COVID-19. Information will be updated on the MPSD website. Please check under the COVID -19 Information tab. When you click on it there will be links to the google form you can use to report an illness, information about state and county case numbers, and other policies regarding face mask wearing and return to school information.
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Nursing Services

The MPSD school nurses continue to be a resource in tracking COVID - 19 in the MPSD community. The nurses will be available to families and staff during the school day. Administration will be able to reach the nurses after hours based on need. If you or someone in your family is having symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19 please fill out the COVD-19 Reporting Form.

MPSD School Nurses

If you have questions about this newsletter, use the email to contact one of the nurses.