Homework: March 6-13, 2015

Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Reim



1. Worksheet #1 Standard Measurements of Length

2. Worksheet #2 Standard Measurements of Capacity

Regular Math:

1. Worksheet #1 Elapsed Time "Night and Day"

2. Worksheet #2 Elapsed Time "The Twins' School Day"

3. 30 minutes of TTM or TenMarks


Each class has ONE entry due this week. We are on the second half of the "T" traits.

DUE: One entry with the second half of the "T" traits, synonym, and antonym with support from their book.

*Many students are forgetting to do their ONE diary entry for homework and opting to do it at school. I don't mind if they are having trouble logging in at home, but they are missing another assignment when doing it at school.

***a good site to use for finding words is:


Spelling/Cursive Handwriting/Grammar

1. Handwriting...practice cursive using the "Friendship" quote for practice.

2. Grammar practice "Peace, Love, and Beanie Babies" and "Operation Summer Camp"

3. Practice Greek and Latin Roots using the Study Guide (a download on the webpage)

What's happening in the classrooms next week-

1 Science:

Up next: Glaciers, tides, and seasons!

2. Social Studies:

Presenting Animoto Videos for their tribal groups and beginning our study of explorers.

3. *Field trip to Bob Bullock Museum on Friday, March 13th. Don't forget to pack students a lunch and drink to eat upon our return to school. Also pack a snack for children to eat prior to getting on the bus. We will not be back at school in time to get anything from the cafeteria.

Special thanks to the parents who volunteered to chaperone students. :)

4. "Growing-Up" video on Wednesday

5. Book fair next week

6. We are doing a "Practice STAAR" writing on Thursday. Just to let students get the "feel" for the day.:)

7. Writing Camp beginning the week we return from Spring Break. Another email will be sent next week concerning this special week at camp "Write-a-woka." :)