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Ice in the Water Table

Making Do When You Wish For Snow In Alabama

There is always a wish for snow in Alabama but we are realistic to know that is a very slim wish. So being problem solvers and thinkers in Room 116, we decided to make our own frozen learning by adding ice to the water table. Wow! The reaction was priceless. Some quickly went to their coats and pulled out gloves. Others declared "Let's make water." As Mrs. McDevitt observes and listens to conversations between the students, she is positive that the learning taking place at PRS is right on target. The learning that took place the day we observed and manipulated ice turn to water cannot be found in a worksheet. The students measured cups of ice. They created a flow of water using funnels, cups and bowls. They pounded and pounded ice and observed the physical change to liquid. Thank you for supporting and being excited about our learning. Room 116 is such a happy, hard working place.

Room 116 Successfully Predicts the Championship Bowl

We know that good readers try to predict what happens next in a story. All that practice in predicting must be paying off because we successfully predicted the winner of the championship bowl game.

Peeling Back the Curtain of PRS

Mrs. McDevitt will let you in on a very special part of PRS that parents don't see. Teachers across grade levels have conversations about learning. These conversations are ones that celebrate and challenge the instruction that is taking place in classrooms. These conversations stretch Mrs. McDevitt's thinking and inspire her to work harder for the students. Last week, a teacher who knew of Room 116's work with ramps told Mrs. McDevitt to add hollow blocks to ramp building. Mrs. McDevitt doesn't own hollow blocks but this teacher shared her blocks. Wow! The thinking and creating that took place with the addition of hollow blocks added a new level to the construction. If you watch the slideshow, you will see two students at the end "sustaining and persisting" in their attempts to make the marble go down the ramp without frustration or anger. This is what we want our students to be able to do when they are adults...to handle their work life with stamina, problem solving and cooperation.
Ramps With Hollow Blocks Added

Counting Down Until the 120th Day of School

Since the mathematical standards in first grade revolve around the number 120, Community 1 will be celebrating the 120th day of school. Last Friday was the 92nd day of school. Several of the students wanted to start a countdown chart to add to our calendar time. More information will come home soon about celebrating the number 120!

Small Group Instruction

A big part of our day is spent in small group learning. Small group instruction allows Mrs. McDevitt to specialize instruction to the needs of the learners. Take a peek at our hard work and fun. A big shout out to Mrs. Morris, the paraprofessional, assigned to Mrs. McDevitt. She is a hard worker and loves the students in Room 116. Hard work + love is the perfect combination to work and spend time in Room 116.
Small Group Learning In Room 116

Volunteers Needed In Room 116

Mrs. McDevitt has a need for ongoing volunteers in Room 116. Click on the link below for more information and to sign up. Days needed are: Tuesday, Thursday, and some Fridays from 9:00-10:30.

Information for this upcoming week

Just for fun add a "head check" to your bedtime routines for the upcoming week.

Remember that sight words are high frequency words in literature. These words need to be read accurately and instantly upon sight.
1.19: once, when

In math, we are working on math facts, reading and creating graphs, and working with missing addends ( 3 + ? = 7)

We are focusing on writing and identifying complete sentences. A sentence has to have a naming part (the subject) , a telling part (the predicate), a capital letter and punctuation. We will also be learning about declarative, interrogative, imperative and exclamatory sentences.

In reading, we are comparing and contrasting characters.

Make sure to return poetry journals on Tuesday. Look for a new poem on Friday.

We are investigating the different zones of the ocean. Ask you child to tell you the different zones: shore, sunlit zone, twilight zone, midnight zone and the abyss.

We are finishing up our "How To" Writing and easing into biographies. There will be a single sheet of "Biography" homework in Thursday's take home folder. The homework is to be returned the following Tuesday or sooner.
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Cookie Dough Fundraiser for the PTSA

Information went home last Friday about selling cookie dough to benefit the PTSA. February 12 is the deadline. Thank you for supporting our school.
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Focus on Number Facts

We are hitting the number facts pretty heavy in Room 116. Check Fresh Grade to see how your child is doing. We will be adding subtraction facts the second week of February for assessment purposes. We have until the end of the year to master these so keep at it a few minutes a day. A favorite brand of flashcards is pictured above because it contains ALL the facts. Check Davies School Supply locally or there is always Amazon.com.
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The Fun of Tongue Twisters

Last week Room 116 had fun manipulating sounds. Tongue twisters are an excellent way to increase oral language development. Plus tongue twisters often result in big, big laughs. Our poetry journal entry also allowed us to work on our decoding skills, of oy, oa, ea, sh, tricky y, ce, blends and sight words. Several of the students wanted to be taped for saying tongue twisters. Don't stress if your child passed on that opportunity. Have fun seeing if you can say the tongue twisters three times fast.
Tongue Twisters

Classroom Need:

Please send in one sheet of white posterboard by Friday, February 5. The posterboard will be used to create your child's personal ocean fact book to hold all of his/her ocean learning.

Upcoming Events

1.18: No school in observance of MLK

1.28: Group picture day

2.5: Send in one white posterboard

2.12: Cookie Dough Fundraiser ends

2.12 Valentine's Day Party for Room 116 1:20-2:05

2.15: No school for students: Professional Development Day for Lead Learners

3.21-3.25: Spring Break: no school

4.20: Community 1's field trip to Lanark (unlimited chaperones - no younger siblings)

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