Walk Two Moons Foreshadowing

By: Steven Monolakis


Sharon Creech's novel Walk Two Moons is about Sal, a 13 year old girl. She is on a trip to Lewiston, Idaho to find her mother. On the way there, Sal tells her Grandparents about Phobe, her friends, story.


In the novel Walk Two Moons, Sharon Creech uses foreshadowing to hint about major events later on in the book.

Sal's Mom's death

The biggest foreshadowed event in the novel is Sal's Mom's death in a bus accident. Her death is the cause of several of her new fears as shown when she makes a list " For example, I was terrified of car accidents, death, ..."(Creech 13). Also, when ever Sal sees a bus, she visualizes it crashing. " Every time I saw a bus, I watched it sway. I watched it spin dangerously close to the edges."(Creech 261) These are the authors ways of telling the reader about her death without stating it. First, the author hid these two important fears among others so the reader couldn't signal them out. Then, less discretely , the author shows how much Sal worries when she sees buses on the road and how she sees them crashing. Sharon Creech left several key, hidden hints about Sal's mom's death.

Gram's death

Another big foreshadowed event in the novel is the death of Gram, Sal's grandmother. The first hint the reader gets is the change in the wind's whispers to Sal. " They no longer said hurry, hurry or rush, rush. they now said slow down, slow down."(Creech 101) Later in the book, Gram hints that she may not be doing well. " I didn't feel like sleeping. I can sleep later. Lets go see Old Faithful. I've waited my whole life to see Old Faithful." (Creech 222) First of, the wind which usually pushes Sal along, is now trying to stop her.Then Gram doesn't go to sleep because she fears for her life. She also says she has waited her whole life to see Old Faithful and that she wants to see it now because she won't get another chance. Even though it seems like Grams death is a big surprise at the end of the novel, Sharon Creech gave several big hints about her death.