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The Problem:Drought, Dust Bowl, loss of soil Fertility

Framers plowed and removed the grass form the Great Plains and it exposed the soil. The topsoil turned dry, turned to dust and then the wind quickly blew it away. Then a drought turned the soil on parts of the Great Plains into dust. Then the wind took big black clouds of dust and took it east. The erosion was serious in the southern plains, this erosion was called the Dust Bowl.
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The Solution:Contour Plowing, Conversation Plowing, and Crop Rotation

Framers have been contour plowing, they plow their fields along the curves to make a slope. This helps slow the runoffs from the rainfall and it saves the soil from washing away. There is also another way to save soil its called conservation plowing. Framers disturb the soil and its plants little as possible. Dead weed or stalks from past years crops are left on the ground to help return soil in place. This is also called low-till or no-till plowing.
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