Fiji Islands

Anyone is welcome in to the warm waters of Fiji

Fun In Fiji

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Fiji is the premier provider of action and adventure, offering so much fun and attractions, for family, singles and groups. Fiji has something for everyone! So come and stay at Fiji for as long as you please.

Bull Shark feeding in Fiji - South Pacific - BBC
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Who is Scar Face?

Scar Face is one of Fiji's "Lucky attractions." Scar Face rarely comes once a month to eat. She is a 5 and a half meter tiger shark, that the tourist pay big money to dive down and see. (If they'er lucky). The diver that feeds her and the bull sharks is not one bit afraid of the sharks. The reef used to not have a single fish on it because it was fished out. Then Fiji stopped allowing people to fish there, and it repopulated again.

Come as a guest Leave as a friend

Fiji is a rich cultural surprise, where the friendly Fijian people will captivate your heart. Where you’ll come as a guest and leave as a friend. Where the Fijians say Bula, meaning Hello, welcome and enter my heart for my paradise is yours. Where you will visit tranquil villages as honored guests. Where you can lie in your hammock and laze the day away. Where you can participate in wonderful celebrations of dancing and singing and retreat to your private bure for champagne and sunsets. This is Fiji.

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The History Of Fiji

According to Fijian legend, the great chief Lutunasobasoba led his people across the seas to the new land of Fiji. Most authorities agree that people came into the Pacific from Southeast Asia via the Malay Peninsula. Here the Melanesians and the Polynesians mixed to create a highly developed society long before the arrival of the Europeans