June is AMAZING!

stella & dot!

I had to reach out to my best customers to make sure you have all of the fun details about June. So many specials and deals are happening this month, and I don't want you to miss out! Here are all of the details:

The MOST exciting thing coming in June……ENGRAVABLES!

They won't be online until the fall line launches in July, but I can place orders for you on the 17th of June. Call me to pre-order. I already have quite a list going, and I will place your order as soon as they launch that morning. VOGUE went so crazy over them today, that they literally took the necklace off of our designer's neck. They are STUNNING! Price point between $59 and $69 and that includes the engraving.


I am so excited to say that Dot Dollars are here again! For every $50 you spend in June, you will get $25 to spend on a $50 purchase between July 8th and July 13th! No limit to the amount you can earn. So for example, if you spent $200 in June, you will have $100 in dot dollars to spend in July.

SO many reasons to HOST in June!

Why host in JUNE…..let me count the ways!

1. First, it's hostess bonus days... June hostesses get a bonus $50 in hostess rewards so on average that would be $300 in free jewelry for hosting.

2. Dot dollars….your guests are going to shop more because they are going to earn so much free in July. My shows during dot dollar months (january and june) are generally 50% higher in sales because of the bonus free goodies.

3. Be the first to share the engravables….I cannot stress enough how popular these necklaces are going to be! They will be the hit of the show and your friends and family are going to fall in LOVE!

4. It's summertime and people are ready to kick back and have a little fun. Make a delicious drink and I'll bring the jewels and your girlfriends are going to be so excited for a reason to get together!

Do you want it all?

If you absolutely love our whole line, and you like people, maybe you should be a stylist. It's a fun, stylish, and lucrative business that you do at your own pace. We have a bonus $100 in free accessories for anyone who joins in June….so that is $450 in free jewelry for $199. Why not? What do you have to lose?

See? I told you June was going to be amazing! :)

Let me know how I can help you order your engravable necklace, host in June, or become a stylist! I can also help you with teacher gifts, graduation presents, and your summer travel bags (out getaway is a bestseller and now you get a hang-on for free when you order one)! Hope you have a great summer!