Panther Newsletter

8th Grade

Upcoming Events:

February Dates:

February 12- School Dance-5/6- 5:30-7:00, 7/8- 7:30-9:00

February 23- Reading Benchmark

February 23- Language Arts STAAR Benchmark Test

February 24 - Science STAAR Benchmark Test

March Dates:

March 1- Math STAAR Benchmark Test/Algebra unit test

March 2- History STAAR Benchmark Test

March 7-11- Spring Break

March 25 - Good Friday

March 29- Math STAAR TEST/Algebra Benchmark

March 30- Reading STAAR TEST

Academic UIL Results

Art Smart *Team placed 1st* ○ Quinn Rasor ­ 1st ○ Danny Kern ­ 2nd ○ Kim Bramer ­ 5th

Chess *Team placed 3rd* ○ Max Carson ­ 6th

Dictionary ○ Jayna Stephens ­ 6th

Editorial Writing ○ Payton Fletcher ­ 1st ○ Lindi Boling ­ 4th ○ Rachel Smith ­ 6th

Impromptu Speaking ○ Darcey Earley ­ 4th ○ Micah Welch ­ 5th ○ Jayna Stephens ­ 6th

Listening Skills ○ Hallie Storment ­ 4th ○ Hailey Pennington ­ 5th

Maps & Charts *Team placed 1st* ○ Zack Cavendar ­ 1st ○ Cam Montgomery ­ 3rd ○ Taryn Rosenthal ­ 5th

Math *Team placed 2nd* ○ Aaron Ethridge ­ 2nd ○ Coby Novillo ­ 5th ○ Danny Kern ­ 6th

Number Sense * Team placed 2nd* ○ Megan Montgomery ­ 4th ○ Danny Kern ­ 5th ○ Zack Cavendar ­ 6th

Oral Reading ○ Millicent Sawyers ­ 1st ○ Coby Novillo ­ 2nd ○ Hallie Storment ­ 4th

Ready Writing ○ Torin Riddick ­ 1st ○ Darcey Earley ­ 4th ○ Faith Dixon ­ 5th

Science *Team placed 1st* ○ Tatum Wylie ­ 1st ○ Anthony Westmoreland ­ 2nd ○ Aaron Ethridge ­ 3rd

Social Studies *Team placed 2nd* ○ Cam Montgomery ­ 2nd ○ Zach Moncier ­ 6th

Spelling *Team placed 1st* ○ Jayson Beckett ­ 1st ○ Laeney Armstrong ­ 2nd ○ Torin

Riddick ­ 6th

Science News:

In Science we have mastered plate tectonics, topographic maps, the lunar cycle and tides. We will spend this week investigating the reason for the seasons and then move into our study of stars and galaxies. Our Benchmark test is February 24th. I have attached links to study guides that students received in class in case you need to print another copy.

Math/Algebra News:

In math class, we are finishing our unit over writing and solving equations and inequalities. Our unit test is on Wednesday, February 17th. Our math benchmark will be given on Tuesday, March 1st. We will have covered all of our learning objectives by this time. The students can use their interactive notebook to review for the benchmark test. After spring break, we will have 10 days to review for the math STAAR on March 29th.

We have just started quadratic expressions and equations in Algebra. The algebra students will take a regular unit test on March 1st while the math students take their benchmark. The Algebra benchmark will be March 29th while the rest of the students are taking STAAR math. This will enable us to cover most of the Algebra curriculum before the benchmark. The Algebra EOC exam will be given on May 3rd.

Please encourage your child to attend tutoring when necessary.

ELAR News:

In ELAR, we have finished the dramatic version of The Diary of Anne Frank. We are going to go back to our research papers and turn them into a video. Once they've been turned into a video, we will print out the title screen and augment it using Aurasma. These images will make up our museum. After we do all of this, we will reflect on the unit by answering the question: What lesson can we take away from this time in history? I will have more information about our museum night in the next newsletter.

Honor students are reading a novella called The Wave. It is about a social experiment a teacher conducted with his class in the 60's that went terribly wrong. Once we finish it, we will conduct our own experiment where we see how quickly a small group of people can affect change on a large group of people. Get ready for some waves!

History News:

This week we are finishing up Unit #6: The Early Republic. Our next unit will cover the The Age of Jackson; this unit covers The Second Great Awakening, The Trial of Tears, the Industrial Revolution, the Declaration of Sentiments, etc. This unit has a great deal of drama in it!

Tutoring is available the following times:

Wednesday - Thursday Mornings (7:30-8:05)

**If students need an alternate time, they need to email me to figure out a time that would work the best.**

STC Special Olympics Basketball

Today, some of our 8th graders accompanied our STC students to Denison for a Special Olympics Basketball Skills Event. Here are a couple of pictures Mrs. Fernandez shared with our 8th grade team this afternoon.