The Olympics

Everything & Anything About The World Famous Event

A french nobleman was inspired to create this event everyone in the world knows of. When Baron Pierre De Coubertin visited Greece in the mid 1890’s after archaeologists had found an ancient Olympic stadium, Baron Pierre created the Modern Olympic Games. & Eventually leading to another type of games- the Winter Games. Although some things are different many are the same.

A Picture Of Baron Pierre De Coubertin


Did you know that medals were not given until the 1904 St. Louis Games? However before 1904, instead of medals, winners were given a wreath crown either made of Laurel or Olive. But they were also given medals along with the wreaths, but never gold medals. Also, any person who participated in the games was given a bronze medal, but all of that also changed in 1904.


Wreaths were used as a trophy in the Olympic Games until 1904. They were used for what the medals are used for today. For first place Olympians, they were given silver medals and an olive wreath instead of a gold medal today. Also for second place, winners received a copper medal and a laurel wreath substituting the silver medal today.

A Example Of A Participation Medal


The first women to compete in an Olympic Games competed in 1900 for the Paris Games. In addition, for the games that year, about 997 people competed and about 22 of those people were women. But women only participated in 5 sports- Tennis, Sailing, Croquet, Golf, & Equestrianism. Also, if there is a new sport that is going to be added to the Olympics, it has to be available for both women and men- something that has been enforced since 1991.

2012 Olympic Games

In the 2012 London Games. (The most recent summer games.) About 44% of the Olympians were women. And also making the 2012 London Games the first games where women played all the sports that the men had.

Olympic Firsts

The first modern Olympic Games was in 1896, And held in Athens, Greece. Also leading to the first Winter Olympic Games in 1924 held in Chamonix, France.


There were also some devastating cancellations for both Winter and Summer Games. Summer games in 1916 were canceled because of WWI. & both the Winter and Summer Games in 1940 and 1944 were canceled because of WWII.

About Games & Countries

There have been many games held, along with many sports, and tons of countries participating. There are about 15 winter sports, and 42 summer sports. So far there has been a total of 49 games. About 22 winter games were held & about 27 summer games held.

Future Games

The next summer games are to be held in 2016 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil & in 2020, in Tokyo, Japan. The next winter games are to be held in 2018 in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

I think the Olympic Games are the best thing to bring the world together- even though it is very competitive. Everyone wants to pretend that their country has won the most medals- especially gold. “Standing on the top podium of the Olympic medal stand and hearing them playing your national anthem- - That’s something that you’ll remember all of your life.”- Bobby Morrow. (Gold medalist, 4x100- meter relay, 100- and 200- meter dash, Melbourne Olympics, 1956.)

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