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Did you know we have a Superhero at Houston Elementary?

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Superheroes are dedicated to fighting crime, protecting the innocent, and battling villains. They possess extraordinary superpowers that help them save the day. We know of a superhero who is fighting one of the worst villains around – cancer. You see, sometimes, real Superheroes live in the hearts of small children fighting big battles. Charlie, a first grader here at Houston Elementary, is a brave and courageous real-life Superhero!

In the summer of 2020, just before starting 1st grade at Houston Elementary, Charlie was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a type of cancer that needed urgent and immediate attention. His parents and a team of doctors have worked tirelessly with Charlie to do all that was needed to battle the disease. Charlie has spent many days in the hospital receiving treatments and even had surgery to help his body heal and gain strength to wipe out the cancer in his body. His first-grade teacher, Mrs. Johnson, has virtual meetings with Charlie to give him his lessons. One of Charlie's friends said, "Charlie should get the award for Courage!" It's true that Charlie has had to face some scary situations this year and he and his family have had to be brave, courageous and trusting in their medical team. We proudly honor Charlie with the E8 COURAGE AWARD.

During the week of April 12th – April 16th our school will have special dress-up theme days and donation collection to celebrate Charlie’s courage and honor him as a SUPERHERO!

  • Monday, April 12th - “Charlie has TOP Notch Courage!” - Bring $1 to wear a HAT to school
  • Tuesday, April 13th - “Charlie’s future is so BRIGHT we’ve gotta wear SHADES!” – Bring $1 to wear SUNGLASSES to school
  • Wednesday, April 14th - “We are CRAZY about Charlie’s Courage!” – Bring $1 to dress WaCkY tAcKy (mismatched clothes, shoes, inside out clothing, crazy hair, etc.)
  • Thursday, April 15th - “Cancer-Round It Up and BOOT it OUT!” – Bring $1 to dress WESTERN
  • Friday, April 16th - “Raven Superheroes Unite for Charlie!” – Bring $1 to DRESS as a SUPERHERO

Houston Elementary: Raven Superheroes will UNITE for Charlie’s Superhero Parade 1:30 pm – 1:50 pm (All classes will line the front drive with posters, banners, and cheers for Charlie. The family will drive through the circle drive a few times! A map for class locations during the parade will be emailed to staff next week.

Be one of Charlie's Avengers - Order your T-Shirt by April, 1st

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Be on the lookout for order forms in your child's folder. Orders and money must be turned in by Thursday, April 1, 2021.