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Volcanic eruptions start when magma from under the earth’s crust is forced upwards and it shoots out of the ground. The first time this happens it forms a volcano. Every time the volcano erupts it becomes larger as the lava cools and forms rock. Magma is the molten rock inside of a volcano, it is considered lava once it has left the volcano and started down the sides. Another thing eruptions can cause, besides lava flows, is a pyroclastic flow. Pyroclastic flows are made up of solid to semi-solid materials and hot gas, the flows run down the volcano much like an avalanche, but they are hot and poisonous (Weather Wiz Kids 2016). Also, according to Weather Wiz Kids, eruptions can cause lahar flows, a type of mudflow made of pyroclastic material, rocky debris, and water. Lahar has a consistency much like that of cement, lahar will run down the mountain, then when it stops, it solidifies. Next, Volcanoes can cause very powerful lightning storms called volcanic lightning. Volcanic lightning storms do not always occur but several separate storms can be caused by one eruption. These are some of the interesting occurrences in a volcano’s life time.

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A flash of volcanic lightning.

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Volcano Poem

It all started from two tectonic plates bumping and pushing,

to cause the eruption, the magma bubbled up,

then finally burst out, now we’ll see destruction

The lightning starts at the beginning,

a shocking experience for the passerby, it stops as the eruption ends

but still it leaves it’s mark, way into the end

With a loud boom the top flew off,

people scream as it rumbles,

the ash, rock, and lava fly through the air

The pyroclastic flow rushes down the mountain

like a fiery avalanche,

the gas suffocates thousands, the heat burns skin

The rocks start to fall crooked and uneven,

the vulcanian eruption sent these rocks through the air,

now they destroy builds cars and trees

Lahar runs down the mountain,

ash mixed right in, as it finds at target it settles,

leaving them a statue, a body trapped in stone

Lava burns buildings and destroys homes,

it boils hot and and steams starts hissing, like tea in a kettle,

then it pools waiting to cool

"Volcanoes." Weather Wiz Kids. Weather Wiz Kids, n.d. Web. 6 Jan. 2016. <http://www.weatherwizkids.com/?page_id=98>.
This site has information on volcanoes and volcanic eruptions.
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