John Crowther

Pax Rammana

Roman peace. Brought order and prosperity to the empire. Maintained the road system and guarded the borders.

12 Tables

Written laws. Twelve tablets were displayed in the marketplace. Plebeians demanded written laws saying that they could not know what the laws were if they were not written down.


Rome is located near the center of Italy. Peninsula located in the Mediterranean. Italy's geography helped its people to unite.

Causes for the fall of Rome

Military- Roman army lacked training and discipline.

Social- People became selfish and lazy.

Political- many officials were corrupt.

Economic-Romans used too much slave labor.

Roman art and architecture

Romans borrowed many Greek concepts. Greek-style statues in there homes and public buildings. Roman buildings were mighty and grand however instead of simple and elegant.

Who were the plebeians

The plebeians are farmers, merchants, artisans, and traders. they made up most of the population. they had so little power.