Why Should You Come To Sparta?

Not only is Sparta a powerful city-states in Greece.Known for their victory over the Athens during the Peloponnesian War.Yes we may not be big on education but we are known for the most powerful army in Greece,you learn self-defense who doesn't want that? you start training as soon as possible.

Spartan Boys

*Trained as soldiers

*Enter a military school at age of 7

*Taught how to fight and learned the basics of reading and writing

*Turn 20 join the Spartan Army

Spartan Girls

  • went to school at 7 years old
  • usually marry at age 18
  • taught to fight and exercise (to have strong sons to fight in the army)
  • Girls have more freedom then other Greek city-states


*Spartan men had to stay fit until the age of 60

*"spartan describes something simple or without comfort

*Laws made by 30 elders

*aren't interested in being rich or famous but being tough and fit


Spartans have two kings one usually goes out to fight while the other stays at him.They worked so hard they wouldn't have enough food if the helots (Helots are enslaved messenians) weren't farmers,even though every spartan man had a farm


Late Bronze age in Greece Kingdom of Menelaus and Helen During the Dark Age in the Archaic period (900 BC)