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Things worth checking out...

Tammy Worchester's Technology Tips & Tricks

Check out her entire list here:

Great Idea to use Corak.it:



  • Have students create a 30 second recording describing their art work, project, or book review. Use the URL that is created to make it into a QR Code. Place the code near the artwork or in the book. Have Viewers use their Phone or tablet to scan the QR code and hear the recording of the child describing their art or reviewing the book... Talk an an ahaa moment... TOOO COOL.

Use a Google Spreadsheet to generate QR codes QUICKLY!

Create Your Own Apps


  • Students can create their own apps
  • Free service
  • Then save as mobile app iPad app or web app
  • 4 Easy Steps

Mind Mapping In the Digital Age


Check these tools out on the link above.

  • Dipity
  • Wallwisher is now Padlet
  • Text2mindmap
  • Thinglink
  • Bubbl.us

Mind mapping iPad apps

  • Penultimate
  • Ibrainstorm-Can bump mind map to other devices to add to the map
  • Popplet

More info available at the link below.

iPads: a remarkable teaching tool

Need Funding?

You just gotta check these out...

http://pixabay.com/- Site for free pictures

https://www.smalldemons.com/users/lists- Check out and organze books and book lists

http://www.infuselearning.com/- Interactive learning tool

http://www.edcanvas.com/- Organize present and share information

http://www.meograph.com/- easily create multimedia stories

http://www.chirbit.com/ - Record your voice and create QR codes to link the recording to a book or project.

http://wevideo.com -Great for student videos and FREE video editing- Similar to Animoto with more opportunities for creative licence.

http://richardbyrnepresents.com/?page_id=104 -Mobile Media Production

https://t.co/7u2ILMSFo7 Do it with technology: Using iPads iun Science and Social Studies

http://projectpalooza.weebly.com - Content area specific site that educates users on information skills, 21st century skills, and technology skills.