Depression Among Women


The Topic

  • Depression is a huge psychological issue seen in great numbers of women compared to men.
  • Due to factors of inequality, and exposure to domestic violence.
  • Causes for decreases in necessary functions for well-being & health.
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Sustainability Goal #4


  • Depression causes a hindrance in mental health, also decreasing one's well-being.
  • Factors that lead to depression in women (inequality, lack of opportunity, domestic violence) cause for major hindrance on their own to one's self worth/value.

The Target

World Scale

  • create equal opportunities for women in developing countries
  • raise awareness about domestic violence in both developing & developed countries
  • give educational opportunities to women of developing countries to decrease pregnancies at young ages

Local Scale (Our Service Project)

  • focus on the importance of well-being
  • increase confidence & view of self-worth in young girls
  • spread awareness of the importance of positive self thought