Bellevue East HAL Services

December 2014

Greetings, Parents!

It is hard to believe the second semester is coming to an end. Throughout the semester, the building HAL facilitators, Mr. Bossman and Ms. Sailors, as well as other teachers, have offered a variety of services to students identified as high-ability learners. The foundation of our HAL services take place within the classroom through differentiation in various course levels, including advanced and AP courses.

As we continue to enhance services for high-ability learners at Bellevue East, Mr. Bossman, Ms. Sailors, and I want to continue to keep you and your child informed. We have several goals in mind, and one of the most important is providing a continuum of services that meet the varying needs of our high-ability learners. The HAL facilitators are available should your child have any questions or concerns. The services and support provided may include, but are not limited to: guided personalized study based on strengths or interests, college and career planning specific to the needs of high-ability learners, high school course registration discussions, maintaining rigor, academic competitions, career planning, as well as any social and emotional needs.

We recently hosted three seminars: Study Skills & Note Taking, Technology Careers with Gallup (featuring guest speakers from Gallup), and Handling Stress. The main focus behind seminars is to provide another outlet for high-ability learners to explore social/emotional concepts more in-depth, work with like-minded peers, and continue to work toward college and career readiness. These seminars, and future seminars are always communicated with students through his/her BPS Gmail account. Please encourage your child to continue checking his/her email. Seminars are almost always scheduled on a Tuesday during GPS.


Please encourage your child to continue checking his/her BPS Gmail account. This is where we will send updates and sign up forms for various seminars and other opportunities.

While the bulk and detail of our correspondence is included in emails, we also have a Remind account set up so you and/or your child can receive updates via text message. Generally speaking, these texts are sent to remind students of a registration form or details regarding an opportunity having availability in his/her BPS Gmail account. The Remind account is managed through an external site that keeps all phone numbers confidential. If you or your child would like to receive text messages about HAL services, please text @imhal to (402)858-0706, or register on the Remind website. For more information on Remind, please see the website:

GPS Services

Most GPS periods can be spent with Ms. Sailors and/or Mr. Bossman in D-19. If your child would like a pass, he/she can contact one of the facilitators. The options are endless here: students can work on independent study projects, work with like-minded peers, find a space to study, or discuss any questions or concerns.

Parent Resources

When you have a moment, check out the various parent resources that are available. These resources include, but are not limited to: journals/magazines, publishers, websites, affective support, and organizations focused on high-ability learners.

Summer Enrichment Opportunities

It's not too early to start thinking about summer enrichment opportunities! Many applications and registration forms have deadlines in early spring. Check out this list of opportunities to see which might be a great fit for your child.

Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted

Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG) is a resource providing several tools for parents, educators, and students. While high-ability learners may excel academically, we must continue to support each one emotionally.


Your communication is always welcomed. Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Kinen, Ms. Sailors, or Mr. Bossman.

Mr. Bossman, Bellevue East HAL Facilitator

Mr. Bossman is housed and teaches at Bellevue East. He is available to meet with students during GPS and by appointment.

Ms. Sailors, Bellevue East HAL Facilitator

Mrs. Sailors is housed and teaches at Bellevue East. She is available to meet with students during GPS and by appointment.

Megan Kinen, District K-12 HAL Facilitator

Miss Kinen is housed at Bellevue East High School, but travels to all buildings.