Transferring Grades from MFL to Bb

Locate Gradebook in MFL

To begin, locate the gradebook in MyFoundationsLab by selecting the Instructor Tools button on the left-side navigation panel. Then, select MFL Gradebook. You may need to accept Pearson's User Agreement and/or be prompted to remove pop-up blockers to proceed. Select Export Data (sub-level quick export) to bring all of the grades into an Excel format (this will not export data into Bb, but into an Excel sheet).

Exporting the Data

In the Quick Export Data Set dropdown, select Tests. Leave the rest of the defaults as is. Then, select Download Data. A pop-up will appear with your data download link. Select the link highlighted in blue at the end of the pop-up box to open the data in Excel.

*Repeat this process for Homework so that you can enter that data into Bb as well as the Tests.

Entering the Data into Bb

Now that you have an Excel spreadsheet of each student and their grades, you are ready to transfer this information into the Bb Grade Center. On the spreadsheet, locate the PostTest score column for each module - this is what will be entered into Bb. Navigate to your Bb gradebook by going back to your SOSC105 course in Blackboard. Select Grade Center - Full Grade Center from the Control Panel. Manually enter the module's post-test grade into the corresponding student's cell in the Grade Center by clicking once in the cell. Populate the grade, then hit Enter.

*Repeat this process for the Homework columns in the Grade Center.

Tip: Printing the MFL grade spreadsheet may help manual entry into Bb easier for you.

Exempt Grades

Because MFL utilizes adaptive technology, some students may "test out" of a particular module. In order to reflect this properly in the Bb Grade Center, we can exempt that particular module from the student's overall grade. To perform this function, locate the cell of the assignment that you wish to exempt. Click once in the cell, click on the chevron that will appear, and select Exempt Grade. The cell will then populate a grey circle to show that it is exempt from the overall grade calculation.