The Coordinator Weekly

Rite-Hite Sales Coordinator "Progress" Report

Written this week by Jim Schweitzer ...

Week 10 - Discovering The Industry

The Coordinator Weekly is back!

After a week in their home territories, the Sales Coordinators traveled to Horn Lake Mississippi for Star 2. It was another strong week for the group as they put forth a great effort in the training session.

The group was again divided into 3 teams and each team was given 1 of the 3 non coordinators taking part in the training. In the spirit of competition, we allowed the champions from Star 1 (Eric Osterhues, Brad Buchweitz, Dan Roehm and Spencer Bernard) to remain intact. This fueld a very competitive, very productive and very fun week!

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Star 2 Champions!

Congratulations to Eddie Goetz, Allen Scogin, Fred Stalle, Jacob Hedlund and Sam Holl on their victory! Through good work on their proposal homework and excellent performances in the Dok Lok Justification and Rite-Hite vs BAF presentations, this team was able to remain in striking distance all week.

In the end, the competition came down to a winner take all Guardrite Strap "rodeo." Eddie and Allen completed the full operation of the Guardrite Strap in the quickest time, allowing them to be crowned Star 2 champions. Nice work guys!

Introducing The King Pin!

The King Pin Award

Each week, Sales Coordinators compete with each other to earn the coveted "King Pin" Award for outstanding achievement. In addition to a points earning system, votes are cast by participants and those interacting with the participants. The weekly winner will proudly sign their name to the award and keep it for the week.

At the end of The Program, the overall winner will get to keep the award forever and always!

Week 10 King Pin - Allen Scogin

Allen was extremely worthy of the King Pin this week. As we all know, a full week of training can wear you down, but Allen stayed engaged throughout! Allen engaged in every single session, taking diligent notes and asking great questions. When we start the training, we ask the participants to make sure they stay engaged so they can really take advantage of their time in Horn Lake, and Allen did just that. However, Allen didn't stop there. During both the Dok-Lok Justification and Rite-Hite vs. BAF presentation, he demonstrated great presentation skills. He spoke both knowledgeably and passionately through all of his slides.

In the end, it was up to the Star 2 facilitation team to decide who was worthy of the King Pin. It was an easy discussion as Allen was the unanimous pick! Nice work Allen!

"Progress" Report

Dream Team

Fred Stalle - Committed to be more "open."

During Star 2, the whole group discovered Fred's presentation skills. In each presentation, Fred provided the introduction. It is always a good idea to start strong, and that is exactly what Fred did for his team. In addition, during the value proposition, Fred was extremely valuable as he provided excellent discovery questions for his team. Lastly, Fred showed that he would not quit on his team. When he discovered that he wasn't feeling well, he did not leave his team out to dry. He helped his team complete his assignments no matter the circumstances.

Chris Cole - Committed to being more "happy."

As stated multiple times, the group was required to give 2 presentations this week. Chris was confident in himself on the Rite-Hite Fan presentation and he did a nice job with it. However, he was nervous about the Dok-Lok Justification, so he put a lot of extra work into it. The hard work payed off as he knocked it out of the park. Chad Dillavou even commented that it may have been one of the better presentations he has witnessed in the Star 2 training!

Brad Buchweitz - Committed to being more "positive."

Brad showed some excellent creativity during his presentations this week. For the facilitation team, it can be tough to watch the same presentation 3 times in a row, but Brad inserted some creative and original ideas into his presentation to provide a spark. Although he could use a little more practice with the tape measure, Brad had an excellent week!

Dan Roehm - Committed to being more "organized."

It is great having Dan in class, as he has a strong desire to learn and improve. This is evident through the pre-test and post test scores, as Dan earned the most improved award. We have everyone in the class take a test before the class, then take the same test after, and Dan improved his score by 11 points!

J.R. Hartenstine - Committed to being more "attentive."

J.R. was strong all week once again. He demonstrated excellent use of Rite-Report, performed well in his presentations, and was an enormous asset to his team. In the end, he was second in the running for King Pin. J.R.'s assertiveness must be commended as well, as he was able to gain access to the Delta Sky Club without any credentials. That certainly is not easy to do!

The Fab 5

Eddie Goetz - Committed to being more "in the moment."

For the Star 2 Champs, everyone did a nice job in the presentations, but that wasn't all there was to it. Eddie made sure they didn't lose any ground on the homework assignments. One particular assignment was to create a proposal and submit it by lunch the next day. Eddie took it a step further by hand delivering the proposal and presenting it to Chad the next day. That is the kind of above and beyond effort that allows you to succeed!

Billy Coggins - Committed to being "more playful in the workplace."

Billy always wants to improve. After each presentation, Billy takes the critiques to heart. He is always asking how he can improve, and it shows. However, he doesn't just want to improve himself.... he wants everyone to improve. He offered numerous helpful tips to his own teammates and his opponents. Although they are competing against each other, Billy knows that we are all a team in the end.

Eric Osterhues - Committed to being more "self-motivated."

Eric was the anchor of his team this week. He has become known in the class for his excellent presentation skills, and they were on display again this week. He comes across as very knowledgeable during his presentations and this was solidified by his post-test score. Eric tied for the highest score with a 35/37! Also, on behalf of his fellow Coordinators, Eric wrote a very professional "thank you" to the facilitation team putting the 7th step of "following through" into practice.

Allen Scogin - Committed to being more "organized."

As already discussed, Allen had an exremely strong week. In addition to what is noted above, Allen further separated himself by tying for the highest score on the post-test with a score of 35/37! The kingpin was well deserved this week.

Jacob Hedlund - Committed to being more "generous."

There is something to be said for consistency. Jacob has been consistent since day one and that continued in Star 2. As always, he was strong on the homework assignments and in his presentations. He was a key cog in our Star 2 championship team this week!

Thank You Star 2 Support Team

Developing the future of our company is not a one, two or even three person endevour. It takes a team and we are very forturnate to have a company full of "Rite" minded, team players. I'm sorry if we missed anyone ... Thank you to:

Amy Serio

Bonnie Waskiewicz

Chad Dillavou

Maggie Seed

Doug Campbell

Brett White

Joel Lotspeich

Kyle Justice

Joe Ellestad

Louis Patron

Mike Swessel

Henry Breckenridge

James Bailey

Kevin Brees

Hardiman Boles

Joan Miller

Darrell Jackson


What's Next?

With just 3 weeks left, the Sales Coordinators are in a time crunch. There is plenty to do this week and the 2 after. Between finishing their demos and scheduling all the required meetings, the class will be extremely busy the rest of the way!