Local Animal Update

The environment/people are affecting the peacocks

Peacocks Problem 1

Peacocks face many problems that affect their population and or lifestyle. The number one issue in India for peacocks is smuggling. Peacocks are worth a lot because of their colorful feathers and their one of a kind beauty. Their green, turquoise color attracts many of their selfish predators to capture them and have them for themselves. Illegal sale of peacock and peacock eggs effect the amazing creatures causing them to move and adapt to new surroundings and animals. If smuggling increased in India then the bird population will rapidly decrease causing them to plunge in a hole of no more existence.

Peacock Problem 2

Peacocks primary source for hydration is water. India has been having water problem for the longest periods. The water isn't clean or there's not enough water for people and animals to drink and use. If the water has a high amount of fungi or bacteria that will cause the birds to get diseases. Bird infections like respiratory tract infection can cause them to live a shorter lifespan than a healthy bird. As we know India is an a huge drought and if thy started obtaining high level of rainfall that would affect the bird both ways. The bird will have lots of water to drink and bathe. Too much water can break their homes or make their feathers wet.

Peacock foundation

Help us spread awareness for these peacocks. They don't have a voice but you do please use it to help them. Share this flyer to save a peacock baby bird.