Types of Websites

Various Websites Used Today

Search Engines

Search engines are a software that finds sources of information related to a specific topic that the use searches for (Includes websites, webpages, images, news, maps, etc...).

Here are some examples of some of the many search engines on the internet:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo! Search
  • Ask
  • Aol Search
Search engines allow the user to gain information/ find images, maps, audio, blogs, etc... about a topic the user searches. However. the person using the search engine must type a individual or series of words called a search text. Your results will differ depending on the search text used. Results, otherwise known as hits may range from thousands to billions in quantity.

Social Networks

A social networking encourages users to interact with each other and share ideas, interests, videos, music, etc...

Examples of social networking sites include the following

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Etc...

Your profile on one of these sites consists of your name or nickname, location, photos, professions, etc...

Informational Websites

These types of websites contain information based on facts. These websites may be libraries, encyclopedia, dictionaries, directories, guides, or any other types of reference. The topics on these websites may vary. Some informational websites may contain material about medicine, while others may have data about a famous person's life.

Media Sharing and Bookmarking Sites

You can share media such as photos, videos and music on these sites. These sites are sometimes referred to as photo sharing sites, video sharing sites, and music sharing sites. One example of a video sharing site is youtub

News, Weather, sports, and Other Mass Media

These kinds of websites contain stories /articles relating to current events, life, currency, politics, weather, and sports. Users can usually personalize these websites and sign up to get alerts and important information pertaining their website via email.


These websites can help you learn in different types of ways. Some sites let you learn in a way that the program treats you like a friends, while other tutoring cites have more professional approach. There is a mass variety of education sites and the topics can go from basic math to quantum physics.

Business, Governmental, and organizational

These websites contain information about the companies, company backgrounds, and sells or promotes products. Some of these sites include Game stop, Amazon, Best Buy, etc...


A informal website that consists of posts in a diary or journal format. Some blogs consist of videos or pictures, these are known as vlogs.


Wikis organize, edit and share information with the ability for users to edit information that they feel is wrong. Wikis contain articles, documents, photos, or videos for users to access. Some of the material may be private, while others may be public for everybody to see.

Health and Science

Health and science websites can track all of your health notices which include prescriptions, doctor visits, immunization records, lab test results, etc... Many doctors use this as a resource to research a patient. Other health and science related websites may want donations for awareness and/or money for research on an illness.


Entertainment websites are a growing part of today's society. These websites consumers the ability to access music, videos, shows, performances, sports, games, etc... Many entertainment websites support streaming media. This means you can view your multi- media in a continuous flow of processed and transferred data. You can view a file while its information is travelling to your internet connected device.


With the use of internet connection, users anywhere in the world can view their financial records on online baking/trading websites. With these websites, users can access their bank accounts, pay bills, and many more financial activities. Online trading website let people invest in stocks, bond, etc... With these websites involving money, you must be very careful with your information. DO NOT do any activities that involve your personal banking information that seem untrustworthy. (spams)

Travel and Mapping

Travel websites can also be addressed as travel agencies which let the person using the site plan and organize vacations and trips. The site may also provide reviews on certain vacation spots, reserve a room, and many other functions that let your vacation flow with ease. Maps are also available for people to maneuver around an area.

Shopping and Auctions

Shopping and auction websites let you buy almost anything online. The website's electronic storefront lets the use view a product;s description, image, and the consumer's shopping cart. An online auction makes customer bid on an item sold by another, the highest bid after a set amount of time wins the item.

Careers and Employment

Here you can search for information on careers and job openings in your area or maybe even around the world. The information given can be of the company itself, job description, work conditions, and more.


Short for electric commerce, e-commerce is a business transaction through a network like the internet. Anyone with an internet connection can participate in e-commerce. M-commerce is a mobile version of e-commerce. There are three types of e-commerce

  • Business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce- ales of good/services to the general public; like a shopping website.
  • Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) e-commerce- one consumer sells directly to another consumer, like an online auction.
  • Business-to business (B2B) e-commerce- when a business provides goods/services to another business, like training and online advertising.


By definition, an online portal is a website that offers a variety of Internet services from a single, convenient location. Wireless portals are used for Internet-capable mobile devices, such as smart phones. Most portals give users some free services which include, a search engine, news maps, and more.

Web Publishing

Billions of people around the world who have internet access can get information from a single business or individual and their content on the webpages may vary. Web Publishing is the development and maintenance of websites. This may be fairly easy, but you'll need to have the right resources and know the major steps.

  1. Plan the website
  2. Design the website
  3. Create the website
  4. Host the website
  5. Maintain the website

By Andre Neterenko and Jethro Mallari