How to Properly Rewrite Content

How to Properly Rewrite Content from Other Websites

How to Properly Rewrite Content from Other Websites

Rewriting articles is and will always part of content writing. While great copywriters attempt to write from scratch using their own research and knowledge, you are usually asked to write content that is almost identical to one that already exists. With this in mind, here are strategies and tips to reword my paper to guide you, so you can easily post them on your website or blog.

Copy Ideas, and Not Words

In rewriting, remember that you’re copying ideas, not the actual content. Even when you’re rewriting one article, don’t look at how someone wrote a sentence and the words used. You only have to comprehend the ideas in it, and write them from scratch, this time using your own words.

Rewrite by Paragraph, and Not By Sentence

So you don’t depend on words used by another author, don’t work on the content one sentence at a time; the mind tends to copy someone else’s words if you focus on a small section. Read them by chunks. Ensure that what you write is your own words 100%.

Work Your Way Down

Reword my essay is both for ideas and speed. One strategy is to copy the original piece into the document you’re working on. This way, you can quickly glance below it when you are making the next paragraph, rather than opening another window and disrupting your flow.

Don’t Hesitate to Make Changes

Just because you’re rewriting, you shouldn’t rewrite it completely. If you disagree with something or have new ideas, share it and let your voice be heard. The original article shouldn’t be your sole resource. You don’t have to be true to the original piece unless your client requests it.

Add More If in Doubt

If you’re concerned that your article looks too obvious that it’s rewritten, look for ways to make it uniquely yours and add more content. You can always add more. Add your own ideas or additional points. Do something so it doesn’t look like you just rephrase my sentence.

You might also want to consider using rephrase online services. There are also article rewriters who’d be willing to rewrite your articles for you at a minimal fee.