Coach Hudnall P.E.

Coach Hudnalls Expectations For PE Stephanie Castro per#5

P.E. A place where you can have fun

P.E. is a place where you can have fun. Where you can just go and have

fun with the people there .

Defination of P.E.

P.E. is a place where you can have fun .But if you want to have fun you need to have all your cloths on . You need to have on the right shoes .


1) Dressing Out - Dressing out you have to be dressed out completely so you can play the game we are playing. If your not dressed out you don't get to play the game the class is playing. And if you have the wrong shoes you can get hurt .And then if you play

you can be sweaty and stinky and then you are going to smell . And make sure you wear right short not by kind shorts.

2) Lockers- lockers you can not have 2 per locker your locker is just for to keep your stuff.

If you get caught with your friend sharing lockers you are the one getting in trouble. If your friend puts something in there that was not hers and its somebody's you are the one that gets in trouble . And if you let your friend share your locker and you get caught you will have to do consequences and your friend wont get in trouble.

3.)Grading- grading you will be graded on the way you dress out you have to be dressed out fully complete with your put up. If you don't have everything you need you will be doing consequences . You need to be in before the tardy bell rings. You can not have earing on or you will get points taken away .And make sure that you have the right shoes on.

4.)Health Day -Health day is when you don't dress out and you can take your dirty clothes on . And when you read a health book. You answer a question and then turn it in.On health days you don't have to put your hair up. Or put on your shoes .Or put on your clothes.