Team Ackerson

Team Leader Pamela Ackerson

I am so excited to have you join our team! This is going to be a great new venture for you. You will learn more great ways to use your essential oils as well as gain some great friends along the way. My journey with essential oils started about 2 years ago. I felt like we weren't sick often and wasn't sure we could really use them. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong! We use them daily for different things. The first oil I started using was lavender. I had a sweet child that had been suffering from sleep anxiety for a while. The lavender worked so well that this sweet child of mine quickly saw lavender as a precious possession. All of the other oils were brought in to action and none of then let us down! We have used them for strep throat, allergies, pink eye, stomach bug, colds, and much more.These oils have blessed our family and I want to share them others. I feel every parent should know how to use essential oils to help heal and support their families health!

In this newsletter you will find product and business training videos to help you get started. I have also included the registration for the best local training in Texas, the Educational Summit. I highly recommend registering for this event even if your not wanting to work the business. The info you will learn here if priceless! The cost also includes a free bottle of Balance oil!!

I look forward to helping you grow in your essential oil knowledge and your business if you desire! I will get in touch with you this week to hear how I can help you!

Dallas Educational Summit 2015

Friday, May 15th, 1pm to Saturday, May 16th, 5pm

400 North Olive Street

Dallas, TX

Don't miss out on the best training in Dallas this year!!!

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