Cyber Bullying in Middle School

Why Do We Need To Know this?

Cyberbullying is a bullying that takes place using electronic technology such as cell phones, computers, social media sites, text messages, and emails. Students who are cyber bullied are more likely to use drugs and alcohol, skip school, not want to go to school, receive poor grades, have more health problems, and be more apt to hurt themselves. It is essential that we know what cyber bullying is and how we can stop it in our classroom because people are constantly being hurt by it.

What is Cyber Bulling?

This video gives an example or cyber bulling. Students may be confused and think that what they are saying online is not bullying, when really it is. This video will help them to see how what they are saying online can get out and can really hurt others.
Cyber Bullying

A Victim of Cyber Bullying

This video is about a boy who committed suicide because he was being cyber bullied. Showing this video to students will help them to realize how big of a problem it really is.
Teen Bullying Prevention - A Cyber Bullying Suicide Story-6

All About Cyber Bullying

This website is run by the National Crime Prevention Council. It gives all the information needed about Cyber bullying including facts for parents and teens, training, and resources to help teach it in a classroom.

Parents and Cyberbullying

This article is about a forum that educated parents about their children and cyber bullying. It explains how important it is that parents keep tabs on the things their children are doing and saying online and gives advice on how to do that.

How Many Students are Cyberbullied in Middle School?

This Really Happens

How Can We Stop It?

Margaret Ross: Cyber Bullying Prevention: How to stop Internet Bullies.
Stop Cyber Bullying (Stop Animation Project)


These websites contain activities that can be done in middle schools classrooms in order to educated students about cyber bullying.