By: Cassie Hinton

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About This Metal:

Number of Protons: 22

Number of Neutrons: 26

Number of Electrons: 22

Number of Electron shells: 2

Number of valence electrons: 2

Characteristics of Titanium

1. Titanium is a silver-white, metallic color

2. Titanium is widely distributed in nature

3. Titanium is a solid

4. Titanium is a metal

Important Uses of Titanium

1. Titanium is used in airplane engines

2. Titanium is used to make jewelry such as watches and necklaces

3. Titanium is used for the outside of fancy cameras and personal computers

History of Titanum

Titanium has been around since 1790. Its name is from the Greek God "Titan", the God of enormous strength. In 1910, a process was developed which allowed this metal to be extracted from the ore.

Tatiana's Abilities

1. Tatiana is high in strength, and is super strong

2. Tatiana is gentle to her friends, but powerful to her enemies

3. Tatiana is excellent in elasticity, and can pull apart then come back together easily

4. Tatiana is adaptable to temperature

5. Tatiana is lightweight, so she can fly

6. Tatiana is fire proof

7. Tatiana is so bright, her enemies are blinded

8. Tatiana is high class, and beats low class villains