Connemara Call

December 2020: Issue 2: Volume 2

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Community Updates

Connemara neighbors and friends,

As the Holidays are upon us and the New Year is approaching, it is hard to remember when there was some form of consistency in the past year. Pandemics, Politics and new school policies have tested our patience and made change something always present. But as we all deal with the constant change, our Connemara community soldiers on, providing a grounded comfort that has existed for almost 4 decades. There are challenges, but there has yet to be a situation where Connemara did not rise to meet the test or a resolution was not found. A heartfelt thank you all the homeowners that have pitched in and an open welcome to the new families that have chosen to make Connemara home.

A few quick reminders. If you are a homeowner and are planning to make changes to your property, we ask that you contact the Design Review Committee (DRC) and inform them of your plans. To do this, log on to the Connemara website at Under the “info” tab, you will find the Design Modification Application. This can be filled out online and submitted, or you can contact the DRC at A member of the DRC should respond with an approval or suggestions on how to make changes that are within the Community Standards.

In addition to the DRC process, Connemara also relies on homeowners to keep their properties clean and in good repair in accordance with the Covenants and Use Restrictions. All homeowners are subject to these guidelines. Connemara contracts with an outside company, Silverleaf Management, to make drive throughs every two weeks to monitor basic upkeep of homes. If you receive a letter from Silverleaf identifying a covenant violation, please kindly remedy the request.

The Covenants and the DRC process both exist to preserve the quality, consistency, and character of our neighborhood homes and common areas. The common goal of the Board and the DRC is to amicably resolve any disputes that may arise and to avoid fines or legal action.

As a whole, the community has done a wonderful job of maintaining the curb appeal of the homes and it is noticed and appreciated.

Maintenance + Renovations

As a large community, there are always maintenance needs and necessary renovations and upgrades. Some of the projects under consideration for the new year and beyond are listed as follows:

  • Staining and painting the new tennis pavilion, pool fence, and pool pavilion
  • Upgrading the playground area
  • Resurfacing the interior of the pool lining
  • Replacing the signboard
  • Decide on and execute a long term solution for Courts 3 & 4.
  • Plan and budget for sidewalk additions in the main common area

Many thanks again to all that have worked so hard to make Connemara such a wonderful place to raise a family.

President -- Dave Skillen

From Courtside

Cold weather has set in but tennis players and pickle ball diehards are still coming out to play!! I hope to get bids to paint the new pavilion in the spring, finish up the electrical and host a ribbon cutting party. Of course, like everything these days, timing will depend on the Covid situation. Stay tuned for more information.

I am also looking into solutions to tackle Court 3 and the sinking issue. If there are any contractors in Connemara that maybe able to brainstorm ideas, I am all ears!

I have received several calls about a young male skateboarding on the courts and on the pavilions. The tennis court surface has a sand mixture which cannot stand up to skateboard wheels. Marks can be seen on the courts. If identified, this individual may be responsible for paying for repairs. Parents, talk to your kids about tennis ONLY on the courts. If you are driving by and see anyone goofing off on the courts or pavilions, please contact me or feel free to pull over and ask them to leave. Repairs will cost the HOA and ultimately every homeowner.

My goal is to make the tennis area not just a great place to play and gather but a visual asset to the neighborhood, enhancing all our property values. It is in everyone’s best interest to see the pool, playground, clubhouse, tennis courts and pavilions looking their best. Feel free to contact me with any concerns or suggestions. Hope to see you on the courts!

Christine Weisel

Social Updates

Thank you to all the volunteers and participants in the Halloween parade! It was such a blast and a joy to see the community come together for the kids this year.

December 13th we will hold the annual Santa photos for the whole family. It will look a little different this year. At 2pm, Santa will drive around the neighborhood with elves tossing candy. I still need a golf cart to drive around to lead Santa. Around 3pm, Mrs. Claus will read a story from their truck. Pictures can be taken with them in the truck at a safe distance. We will have grab and go treats and hot chocolate packets. As well as crafts for the kids. Don’t forgot your letters and Christmas wish lists to mail to Santa.

The back up plan will be the following Sunday, December 20th from 2-4pm.

Adult parties are on hold for now. We do hope to have a big community party once we are cleared and it’s safe to gather. We miss you!!!

Thank you wonderful Connemara. A special thanks to all those volunteering to decorate the neighborhood and spread Christmas cheer!

Landscape & Maintenance

Thank you to Mike and Pam Williams and all of our neighbors that helped decorate by the bridge this year.

We have picked a date for a neighborhood volunteer work day to do some clean up around the nature trail by the river.

Saturday, January 9th, at 11am, we are looking for volunteers to join us to remove dead logs and privet in the wooded areas along the Yellow River. Wheelbarrows, shovels, and hand trimmers are welcomed but not required. Hot coffee and donuts will be provided by the Connemara HOA. C'mon out!

Mike Tyson

Treasurer's Report - October 2019 YTD vs October 2020 YTD

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Board Members

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