Connemara Call

September 2020: Issue 2: Volume 1

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Community Updates

Connemara neighbors and friends,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. In these strangest of times, our neighborhood deserves this mention of gratitude. We have continued to weather the COVID storm, have navigated sending our children back to their online classrooms, and made it through a summer with limited access to normally bustling common areas and events. There have been countless gestures of caring and help between neighbors that have helped keep some normalcy in a time that is far from normal. Let’s keep that helping hand out and ready.

This fiscal year has seen several board members pass the baton to homeowners that have gratefully stepped in to help guide our community. A debt is owed to Rob Riley, Christy Schutter and Beverly Burns for their countless hours of work over the years. We now welcome Kristen Snell, Lisa Inlow and Michael Tyson (not that one) to continue the work ahead. Kristen has been wonderful as the new Social chair, and has added the food truck experience to our neighborhood when we all needed reasons to get out of the house. Lisa is the new Secretary, bringing her experience as a PTA head and her ability to often translate chaos into a cohesive idea and write it down before we forget it. Michael has stepped in as the new Landscape chair, willingly accepting the task of cleaning up the mess left by the last Landscape director.

It is imperative that we develop a rolling faction of homeowners that are willing to step in and help guide the neighborhood. A great way to learn about the functioning of the neighborhood would be to team with a Board member in a support role as you become comfortable with the business that is worked through every month. In the event a board member steps down, A pool of people would exist to step in and help as a Board member. It is a lot of work, but Connemara is one of very few remaining communities that thrives with a volunteer board.

We are continually working with Silverleaf management to refine the process of covenant compliance. If you receive a courtesy letter from Silverleaf informing you of a violation, it is essential to either remedy the violation or contact Silverleaf at with a plan and timetable to bring the property back into compliance. Failure to respond will result in a warning letter and possible fines. The goal is to keep the standards high as a benefit to all homeowners.

If you plan to make a modification to your home or property that is not a repair or exact replacement of existing conditions, you must go to the Connemara website ( and submit a Design Modification application. The process is listed under Info / Design Modification Application. A member of the Design Review Committee will review the request and respond. If a modification is made without written approval, the occurrence would trigger a covenant violation.

In closing, thanks again to all that have watched over our community in this difficult time. A special thanks to the Klar family for keeping our pool facility running smoothly in what has been a truly challenging six months.

Stay safe,

Dave Skillen (HOA President)

From Courtside

From Courtside,

We have had multiple delays on the Middle Pavilion construction due to rain and Covid issues. Hopefully, you will see Mike Layton out there this week starting demo!! Congrats to the Senior Men’s team who made it to playoffs!! The new Alta season is set to begin soon, hopefully we can earn some more winner signs for the fence.

I am happy to report that players have been careful and following safety guidelines. Hopefully the rain will let up and we will see more neighbors out enjoying tennis and pickle ball!!

Christine Weisel

Tennis Chair

Social Updates

We enjoyed a great summer of food trucks rotating through on Friday evenings. Thanks for all who participated. I’m sure we will do the same for next summer and try to get the ones who weren’t available yet, like Chef Hank.

Upcoming Events:

Saturday, September 5th from 3-7pm (Labor Day Weekend)

Q’Paso Latin Grub will be by the pool with empanadas, tacos and a new Cuban sandwich added to the menu. Kona Ice will also be present.

We are unsure what the social status will be this Fall. My main objective as the Social Coordinator is the kids’ parties around holidays (October, December, February, April). I’m hoping to have a Halloween event which will depend on whether we can be indoors or have to meet outside in the parking lot. Would love volunteers to help assist with Halloween and hopefully we be able to do Santa in December as in previous years.

Kristen Snell (Social Chair)

Pool News

After Labor Day, we will switch to Swim At Your Own Risk every day of the week before 8:00 PM. During Swim At Your Own Risk, anyone under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Without a lifeguard on duty, it is very important for everyone to keep watch on what is going on at the pool. Please contact me if you notice anything out of place or someone not following the Pool Rules.

The exact close date has not been set but it will be sometime in early October. We will try to fit in a “dog day” at the pool before the cover is put on. Look for an announcement in late September.

Thank you for everyone’s patience during this difficult season.

Dan Klar


Treasurer's Report - July 2019 YTD vs July 2020 YTD

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Board Members

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