Canada and Its Trading Partners

Japan as a Trading Partner


Japan is a country located in eastern Asia and Tokyo is its capital. The main language is Japanese. According to the statics, I believe Japan is a good trading partner for Canada.

Natural recources

Japan lacks natural resources. Some of them it had includes:
-Sheet mica
-Small amounts of metals and minerals


Rice is the main chief crop and is grown on best land. Other cops include soybeans, barley, wheat, and a large variety of vegetables. It also has a sufficient stock of eggs, onions and cucumbers, but large quantities of produce are imported since Japan has a major shortage of arable agriculture land. Some regions in southern Japan allow double harvest because of subtropical climates. The country also grows and consumes lot of tea. Japan is confronting agriculture with a high tech approach. They have invented machines that help plant rice seeds and harvest, also a new invention is the hydrogel film, which is invented to help minimize the use of water and it has many other benefits.

Manufactured goods

Primary Japanese exports accommodate electronic equipment and cars. Also textile and steel. Distinguished around the world, Japanese brands such as Toyota, Canon, Honda, Nissan, Sony, Lexus and Panasonic and many, many more are highly used and liked. Manufacturing is a major strength of Japan, even though the country has scarcely any natural resources. Robotics is a highly sufficient field of economic growth, also Japanese technology leads the world.

Cultural recources:

Cultural resources include:
-Royalty fans
-Fine silk
-Green and herbal tea
-Feather pens and ink wells
-Delicate and dainty china/ showcases
-Traditional dolls
-Traditional umbrellas


The Japanese government is called the diet. The emperor is the symbol of the state but has no power. The Japanese government is a constitutional monarchy, and is bases on the parliamentary cabinet.

Social and economic factors

Japan has the most largest and most blooming economies in the world. In 2013 it was the second largest developed economy. Japanese currency includes Japanese yen. Japan's top three trading partners include China, United States, and South Korea. Child labor is banned and there are laws to protect minors. In spite of labor laws, it is common to work 60 hours a week. In Japan there is a phenomenon called karo-shi, in other words, death from over work.

Goods that Canada might be able to export to Japan

Canada is a very resourceful country. Canada may be able to export these items to Japan:
-Copper and minerals
-Forestry products (wood, wood pulp, wood flooring, etc.)
-Processed foods (beverages, maple syrup,etc.)
-Cereals, produce and lentils
-Racing bikes
-Oil, petroleum, and natural gas

A list of goods availabel for export to Canada

Some things that Japan would want to export to Canada would be:
-Manufactured spare parts/ vehicle parts
-Green tea and black tea
-Organic chemicals
-Sea food
-Medical/ technical equipment
-Printed circuit boards and computers, camera, robotics
-Precision parts and mechanism or assemblies

A list of goods the country might want to import from Canada

Some things that Japan might was to import from Canada may be:
-Raw materials such as wood, iron, metal
-Spare parts
-Produce, cereals and lentils
-Coal, oil, metal, and minerals
-Fossil fuels and petroleum

Why Canada would want to trade with Japan

Japan has a developed economy and leads worlds most manufactured goods and in robotics. Also with a lack of natural resources it can import from Canada, we and Japan get a significant benefit. If Canada imports from Japan and exports to them we get advanced technology and take a step towards higher manufactures goods. Also in the benefit we supply them with the things they lack and we get a source of income.

How this trade relationship will benefit Canadians

Newer technology and manufactured goods can take us to higher level in living standards and makes our lives easier and Canada more developed. Japan has the technology, we have the resources. Together, if we trade it is worth.
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Overall, with the statics, Japan is a fascinating country. It would make an great trading partner for Canada. With its approach to technology and robotics, we should build our relation and continue trading with Japan, It would have many benefits. Thank you for watching!
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