AUTHOR:Lauren Tarshis

Eliel Sandoval's project


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story plot

EXPOSITION:The story The sinking of the Titanic takes place in the Titanic coming from the shore of England in 1912. The characters are George,Phoebe,and aunt Daisy George's aunt Daisy had invited them to England and they where coming to New York on the Titanic where their father was waiting for them.

Text Evidence Setting:"But then he remembered:the Titanic!He was on the greatest ship in the world."p.4

RISING ACTION:George wanted to open a crate that had a mummy,and when was going to he heard screams.George went with Mr. Andrews and together they studied the his blueprints.Henry woke them up and aunt Daisy went to wake up Phoebe but she was not there.

Text Evidence Setting: "Mr Andrews studied his blueprints and then pointed to the boiler rooms."p.20

CLIMAX: Phoebe was lost looking for George but the worst thing about it was that the Titanic had hit the Titanic and now the Titanic was sinking. Phoebe was terrified when she heard a big sound and then she gasped and she asked George what that sound was but everyone what was happening the Titanic was sinking.

Text Evidence Setting:" But they all knew.The Titanic was sinking."p.62

FALLING ACTION: George was separated from his family with Marco so they had to get on another one they found one and only George was only able to get on and a person that George had seen helped George get Marcos into the boat they found a big ship and on the ship was Phoebe,aunt Daisy and Enzo.

Text Evidence Setting: "With a clean cut,she sliced the rope and helped George pull Marco into the boat."p.80

RESOLUTION: They went on the boat till they got to New York and he told all his friends what had happened but although nobody believed him he still remembers that terrified moment. He also found out that he was not the only one going to the woods at midnight his dad also goes thinking about the moments with his wife or George's dad.

Text Evidence Setting: "But the first person he saw as they walked down the gangplank was Papa."p.90


The conflict of the story is man vs. nature because the Titanic gets hit by a iceberg and they are trying to stay alive without falling into the freezing cold water and there is only a few life boats. Not all the people can get saved and people are trying everything they can to save themselves or only their children. The people at the top are the first to stay alive.


The theme of my story is that you should not give up and try to survive

character analysis

The protagonist of my story is George because he is trying to help his family.

The antagonist of my story is the iceberg because that is what caused the whole situation

4 facts of historical time period

Fire kills 146 workers at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory.

U.S congress declares war against Germany.

The 18 Amendment to the U.S Constitution is ratified.

President Woodrow Wilson sings the Jones-Shafroth act.

historical period

The historical event of my story is the climax or conflict so it played a huge role in my character because he is trying to survive this terrible moment and trying to save his family and their friends that they meet on the Titanic Marco and Enzo.
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