Bartolomeu Dias

By Dylan B.


Britannica helped me find out that
Bartolomeu Dias was a very great Portuguese explorer. He was born in 1450. Then, he died in 1500 at sea. He is super famous for being the first person to round the tip of Africa. He took two ships and was on his way to follow the coast to south Africa. On his way, a massive storm blew his ships into the middle of nowhere.

Growing Up

Growing up he had two brothers Diogo Dias & Pero Dias. He and his father worked for the royal household. Because of his father’s great position, Dias was well educated. He went to one of the best high schools in his country. Lastly, he descends from one of Prince Henry the navigator’s pilots.


Wikipedia said "Bartolomeu was part of a five person family, 3 kids and 2 adults. I was him, Pedro Dias, diego Dias, his mom, and his dad." They all went to great schools.

Death and said "Bartolomeu Dias went on a second voyage to the Cape of Good Hope. He went on this trip a few years later with Vasco De Gama. They brought 3 ships, and he was the captain of one. On their way, a terrible storm hit them! Two of his ships made it out of the storm but, Bartolomeu’s ship did not make it. The storm broke the ship, and Bartolomeu Dias drown to death."


Bartolomeu Dias used many tools, but for the most part he used a map. It got him to the cape of good hope. He also used th land to stay on track