By: Justin Boyd

What does Cyprus' Flag Look Like/Represent?

The branches on the flag symbolize hope for peace and reconciliation between the Greek and Turkish communities. The island's silhouette is copper because the name Cyprus is derived from the Greek word for copper.

Geograph of Cyprus

Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean, just south of Turkey. It is the home of the famous Mount Olympus and has many landmarks, including the Church of Agios Lazaros, Tombs of the Kings, and others. There are some water resource problems and water pollution is a big issue.

Government of Cyprus

Cyprus is a republic and it's capitol is in Nicosia. They are ruled by President Nicos Anastasiades, who was elected into office for a five-year term. Citizens must pay taxes serve in the military for 2 years, as well as being able to vote.

Economy of Cyprus

Cyprus is a poorer country with a GDP of $27.52 billion compared to the UK's $2.569 trillion and Russia's $3.577 trillion. The official currency is the euro. Some Cypriot exports are citrus, potatoes, pharmaceuticals, cement, and clothing. Some imports are consumer goods, petroleum and lubricants, machinery, and transport equipment. The life expectancy is 78.51 years, the birth rate is 11.41 births/1000 population, the literacy rate is 99.29%, and the drinking water source is 100% for improved and 0% unimproved.

Culture of Cyprus

The people of Cyprus wear mostly the same things that we wear in America, like t-shirts, jean, etc. The official languages are Greek and Turkish. Some common holidays are New Year's, Christmas, and their Independence Day. Most Cypriots are Orthodox Christian. A common dish is yemista, which is a wide variety of stuffed vegetables.

Climate of Cyprus

The main climate type on Cyprus is Mediterranean. Average yearly rainfall is about 750mm and average temperature is about 30*C. Occasional frosts can interfere with crop growth.

History of Cyprus

Cyprus' population is mainly split between a Greek majority and a Turkish minority, which has caused many skirmishes and riots.

The UN is working to bring the Greek and Turkish communities together, but they haven't seen much improvement.

Cyprus Vs USA

There are many differences between the USA and Cyprus, yet there are a few similarities.


In America, the official language is English, while in Cyprus the main languages are Greek and Turkish.

The USA has a population of a staggering 321,368,864 people, compared to Cyprus' meager population of 1,189,197.


Both have Christian as a leading religion.

Strangely, Cyprus and the US of A both have a female life expectancy of 81 years.


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