1st/2nd Hand Account of Video Games

By: Mia Mahon

Animal Jam

Animal jam is a game I love to play in my free time. On Saturdays I love to get out my computer and play animal jam. Animal jam is a very safe game because you cant say anything mean. If they do manage to say something mean you can click there name tag and report them. They will not get to play animal jam for a while. Animal jam has different places you can go to also. They have games like sky high and best dressed. You also can buy dens for your animal with the money you get. You can buy different animals to like a panda, horse, lama, fox, and lots more animals. Your animal can get pets too.


Duck Life 5 and Animal jam are very fun games but they are not the same, but they do have some similarity's. Both animal jam and duck life 5 involve animals. However, in duck life you can only have ducks and in animal jam you can have other animals too. Another similarity is that in both duck life 5 and in animal jam you can get pets. However, pets in duck life 5 help you battle and in animal jam they do not help you with anything. On difference is that in duck life 5 you are battling in a cave, in animal jam you only battle when you want money. In both animal jam and duck life 5 you are getting coins to help your animal or pet. In both duck life 5 and animal jam you can level up your duck. These are only some of the differences and similarity so go find out so more.
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