Old Colony Athletics - Fall 2022

Walter J Markham Winning Athletic Dept. 2017-2018, 2019-2020

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Message from Matt Trahan - Director of Athletics

You often hear that Old Colony is a special place, and it is! Its depth of character, traditions, diversity, commitment to academic & athletic excellence, as well as its beautiful natural surroundings contribute to making Old Colony such an exemplary learning environment. We want you to enjoy the campus and take full advantage of everything Old Colony has to offers and, in doing so, we encourage you to get involved in a sport, club, or activity!

I want to welcome each incoming freshman to the Cougar family! Additionally, I am thrilled to have our current student-athletes participating in fall sports. You are about to begin one of the most exciting times in your life, and everyone in the OC Athletic Department wants to help you make your "Cougar Experience" is a great one.

Vital to the excellence, creativity, and innovation at Old Colony is our commitment to inclusiveness. We are members of the Mayflower Athletic Conference, Massachusetts Vocational Organization & Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association. We have had great success competing in the league, vocational, and state tournaments as we are committed to the principles of sportsmanship and fair play.

We ask all involved with sports: parents, student-athletes, and coaches to communicate effectively and respectfully at all times. It is vital for us to run a successful program, and a culture of respect, determination, and caring.

Together we work to promote a campus climate that is respectful, civil, supportive, and safe. These core values allow us to provide a superior learning environment where we can all pursue our dreams and reach our highest potential. Best wishes for a successful year.

Matt Trahan

Director of Athletics

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Requirements for Athletics

Fall Sport Sign-Up - Google Form (Required)

On June all students were required to attend a pre-season meeting. At this meeting, they were asked to fill out the above-mentioned google form. Please make sure your son/daughter completed this task

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Final Forms

We are very excited to announce that the Old Colony High Schools Athletic Department has partnered with FinalForms, an online forms and data management service. FinalForms allows you to complete and sign athletic participation forms for your students. The most exciting news is that FinalForms saves data from season-to-season and year-to-year, meaning that you will never need to enter the same information twice! FinalForms also pre-populates information wherever possible, for each of your students, saving you time.

You may review your data at any time to verify it is current. You will be required to sign your forms once per year and after any update.

We are asking that ALL parents of athletes use FinalForms.

Please register at: https://oldcolonyregional-ma.finalforms.com

and follow the prompts to create your account, create your students and sign your forms.

Thank you for your assistance in streamlining our paperwork processes at Old Colony High Schools.

Head Coach Contact Information

Old Colony Athletics

Head Coach Contact Information


Head Coach Lauren McGowan


Boys Soccer:

Head Coach Alex Soares


Girls Soccer:

Head Coach TomLee Martins


Cross Country:

Head Coach Marcie Gamelin



Head Coach Kathy Peterson



Head Coach Riley Taveira



Head Coach Brandon Mendez


Concussion Information Found Here:

Football Documentation

Athletic Department Hot Topics

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Participation in athletics is a privilege and not to be taken lightly. Our program is not recreational, and we strive to provide your son/daughter with a quality experience through athletics.

Athletes are expected to attend every practice and contest unless excused by their coach. If an athlete is in school attendance, he or she is expected at practice. There are no unexcused absences from practices or games. Excused absences are permitted for extra help (lateness only), death in the family, family illness, family emergencies, medical reasons, and religious observances. Timely communication between the coach, parent, and/or athlete in this situation is essential.

As discussed in the philosophy portion of this handbook, membership on a junior varsity or varsity team requires a considerable time commitment. The school district is responsible for monitoring the wellness and safety of each of our student-athletes. Any anticipated conflicts with regard to school commitment and program expectations must be brought to the attention of the coaching staff prior to tryouts.

An athlete’s first commitment must be to the school program. Coaches are not expected to excuse athletes from school practices and/or contests/ other commitments.

Family Vacations

When parents and student-athletes choose to take their family vacation during a sports season, it must be understood that the time missed by the student-athlete can affect team chemistry, personal conditioning, and performance level of the individual and the overall success of the team. Each and every individual on the team has a role, not just in the game, but in the practice climate as well, regardless of how much playing time the athlete is experiencing. Commitment during the vacation periods involves self-sacrifice, not only on the part of the coach and athlete but the family as well. Attendance is mandatory during vacation periods. The modified program will not schedule as many practices as the high school level. Contact the coach prior to the season in order to fulfill team commitments and expectations.

(Repeated unexcused absentees will be removed from athletic teams.)

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Spectator Seating

Patrons and fans attending Old Colony lacrosse, baseball, and softball games, as well as other contests in the stadium, will not be permitted to stand inside the restraining ropes, behind or near the team areas. At no time should patrons or fans interact with team members or coaches. All patrons will be required to enter the stadium and be seated in the stands.

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Fan & Parent Behavior

Booing, taunting or deriding an opposing player or fan or a game official is unacceptable on any field or in any gym. Cheers, chants, or signs or gestures that are obscene, mocking or derogatory are not reflective of the spirit for which we are famous and should never be heard nor seen from a Old Colony cheering section. Serious offenses can lead to dismissal from future attendance, disciplinary probation and expulsion.

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Authorized Vehicles

Please be advised that at no time should vehicles be driven down to the athletic complex. If the access gate is open it is for good reason. We take player and fan safety very seriously. In the event, a player, patron, or fan is in need of a ride due to injury, illness or disability, please contact the Old Colony athletic department in advance and a ride will be provided
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No Dogs Allowed

With the exception of service animals, dogs are not allowed on school district grounds or sports fields at any time throughout the calendar year. The presence of pets is simply not appropriate at any time. The health and safety of our student-athletes, coaches, and fans is paramount!
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Chemical Health Violations

A student shall not, regardless of the quantity, use, consume, possess, buy/sell, or give away any beverage containing alcohol; any tobacco product; marijuana; steroids; or any controlled substance. This policy includes products such as "NA or near beer". It is not a violation for a student to have a legally defined drug specifically prescribed for the student's own use by his/her doctor. The Chemical Health Rule has been extended to be inclusive of the period from the first allowable day of fall practice, through the end of the academic year or final athletic competition of the year, whichever is later. (Broadening this window from "in season" to the entire academic year reflects that the chemical health of our students is not simply a seasonal concern.) This rule represents only a minimum standard upon which schools may develop more stringent requirements. This MIAA statewide minimum standard is not intended to render "guilty by association", e.g. many student-athletes might be present at a party where only a few violate this standard. If a student in violation of this rule is unable to participate in interscholastic sports due to injury, academics, or otherwise, the penalty will not take effect until that student can participate again. Minimum Penalties: First Violation: When the Principal confirms, following an opportunity for the student to be heard, that a violation occurred, the student shall lose eligibility for the next consecutive interscholastic contest totaling 25% of all interscholastic contests in that sport. For the student, these penalties will be determined by the season the violation occurs. No exception is permitted for a student who becomes a participant in a treatment program. It is recommended that the student be allowed to remain at practice for the purpose of rehabilitation. All decimal parts of an event will be truncated i.e. All fractional parts of an event will be dropped when calculating the 25% of the season. Second and subsequent violations: When the Principal confirms, following an opportunity for the student to be heard, that a violation occurred, the student shall lose eligibility for the next consecutive interscholastic contest totaling 60% of all interscholastic contests in that sport. For the student, these penalties will be determined by the season the violation occurs. All decimal parts of an event will be truncated i.e. All fractional parts of an event will be dropped when calculating the 60% of the season. If the second or subsequent violation the student of his/her own volition becomes a participant in an approved chemical dependency program or treatment program, the student may be certified for reinstatement in MIAA activities after a minimum of 40% of events. The director or a counselor of a chemical dependency treatment center must issue such certification. All decimal parts of an event will be truncated i.e. All fractional parts of an event will be dropped when calculating the 40% of the season. Penalties shall be cumulative each academic year. If the penalty period is not completed during the season of violation, the penalty shall carry over to the student's next season of

Final Thoughts

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Matthew J. Trahan - Director of Athletics

Matthew Trahan CMAA

Director of Athletics

Old Colony RVTHS

YouTube: Old Colony Athletics


John Furtado, MS, PT, LAT, ATC, CSCS, PES

Old Colony has a part-time, licensed Athletic Trainer (ATC) to evaluate, treat and rehab injuries as they occur.

All injuries must be reported to a coach and/or athletic trainer as soon as possible.

Training room rules and regulations must be respected.

Contact e-mail: jfurtado@oldcolony.info