The Beach Boys

By: Nayana Menon

The most Iconic american band

The beach boys are an american rock band formed in Hawthorne, California in 1961. The groups original lineup consisted of brothers Brian , Dennis , and Carl Wilson , their cousin Mike Love , and their friend Al Jardine.
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Cultural impact of The Beach Boys

The beach boys had many effects on popular rock music , artists , and studio recording . While they were at the vanguard of the " California sound" , the beach boys helped spur many trends and various musical genres and movements. This includes being one of the first rock groups to exert studio control; inspiring a higher craft in popular music ; advancing the field of music production serving as a primary influence for many punk , vocal surf , psychedelic rock , experimental pop , art rock , progressive rock , power pop and indie rock.

What made them so appealing

They were the creators of lush songs described as "teenage symphonies to god" and one of the most innovative bands ever. The beach boys invented california rock . Brian wilsons songs celebrated a west coast teen fantasy , full of surfing driving and pretty girls that barely hid the songwriters inner conflicts . Wilson orchestrated and produced glossy , manicued tracks with an ultra smooth blend of guitars and vocal harmonies , creating a signature pop sound as recognizable as any in rock history.
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What makes them still popular today

Music style and development is what makes them popular today . Even from their inception , the beach boys were an experimental group . They combined, as jim miller has put it , "the instrumental sleekness of the ventures , the lyric sophistication of chuck barry , and the vocal expertise of weird cross between the letterman and frankie lymon and the teenagers ". Brian wilson their leader had promised their survival after the eventual breaking of fad fever ... comparison to other vocally oriented rock groups , such as the associtation , shows the beach boys technique to be far superior . They were so confident of their ability and of brians skill as a producer to enhance it , that they were unafraid of doing sophisticated , a cappella glee-club arrangements containing multiple suspensions , passing formations , complex chords and both chromatic and enharmonic modulations.


Top 10 of the beach boys songs

1. Good vibrations

2. Wouldnt it be nice

3. God only knows

4. California Girls

5. wouldnt it be nice

6. surfin U.S.A

7. Dont worry baby

8. I get around

9. Fun , Fun , Fun

10. surfin safari

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1941 - Mike love was born

1942 - brian wilson was born , al jardine was born

1944 - dennis wilson was born

1946 - Carly wilson was born

1961 - A ritchie valens memorial is held at long beach civic auditorium , in long beach , california . on the bill are the youthful beach boys making one of their earliest appearances.

1963 - the beach boys score their first top ten hit " surfin usa ' brian wilson reworking of chuck berrys sweet little sixteen.

1964 - The beach boys reach #1 with " i get around"

1964 - beach boys perform the tami show with james brown , the beach boys and chuck berry , rolling stones and the supremes.

1965 - beach boys reach number one with help " help me Rhonda "

1966 - good vibrations by the beach boys is released and it reaches top of the charts .

1988- the beach boys are inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame at the 3rd annual induction dinner . And kokomo was hit .

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