Green Kitchen

Lydia Schuetz

One way to get a green kitchen is to use recycled wood for cabinets.

You can also find recycled countertops for your kitchen.

One last way to make your kitchen eco friendly is to switch to gas instead of electricity.

This product is recycled cabinets. It is used by taking old cabinets and upgrading them in ways such as staining. When you use recycled wood it reduces your price and reduces pollution. I would use this product because it's attractive and cost friendly because it isn't custom made.

Recycled countertops are similar to cabinets because they are also made from recycled materials. It also reduces your price. I would use this product because they are typically granite and granite is a very nice and improved countertop.

Gas stove tops are made by using gases like propane instead of electricity. This is considered green because it doesn't use any electricity that would hurt the environment. It is more expensive at first, but eventually pays off because it reduces your electricity bill. I would use these because they are very upgraded.


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