Mrs. Smith's 4/5 Newletter

September 18, 2016


4th- We will continue to work on multiplying one digit by two and estimating. Please continue to practice multiplication facts.

5th- We will continue working with decimals. We will work on adding, subtracting, and estimating.


4th- We will be reading 2 nonfiction articles this week on innovations. Their vocabulary words this week are fossil fuels, convert, harness, device, stimulates, implant. This week, they will annotate (show their thinking) as they read for main idea and connections to other things they have read.

5th- We will continue reading Island of the Blue Dolphins by reading chapters 14-17. We will finish the book before Fall Break. This week's vocabulary words are warily, lure, flank, matted, fortunate, abandoned. The student's will be making connections to what they read, describe character traits of Karana, and use description to visualize a devilfish.

Please remind your students to work hard during the reading block so they use their time wisely.


This week we will be writing our final copies of our Harris Burdick stories. I am trying my best to get to all of them so their final copies are the best they can be. If you can help Mon. Wed. Thurs. or Friday, please let me know.

Science/Social Studies

4th-We are finally ready to create our new creatures. The students have researched adaptations and will use what they learned to decide what adaptations their creature has, what they use the adaptations for, what the habitat is, where it lives, what it eats. They will create a small scale model of their creatures. I can't wait to see what they have come up with. For social studies, they will be reading about our government.

5th-We just finished our unit on matter with an experiment on gummy bears and discussed physical and chemical changes. We will be reading about the new world and explorers. This will help start background information about exploration and get us into our American history so our field trip will have connections to the classroom. Remember that 5th grade field trip forms are due Sept. 30th along with the $20.

Photos of our fun this week

Parent Teacher Conferences

Thanks to all of you who came out to meet with me to discuss your child's progress and to see the progress they are already making. Please remember to check jupiter grades and email if you have any concerns and I will do my best to respond within 24 hours.

Upcoming Events

PTSO meeting - Monday, Sept. 19

Galileo Science Testing - Tuesday, Sept. 20

Fall retakes - Mon. Oct. 3

Walk your child to school - Tues. Oct. 4

Fall Break - October 7-October 18