Turn it Off

Dawson Smith

Electricity Usage

I have done some research on the amount of electricity we use in our daily lives. I gathered information from 17 kids in the eighth grade and 3 teachers to see how much electricity they use in their lives. To my surprise, many of them used a small amount while others used large amounts. They all understood that electricity usage is a bad thing and many of them are already doing things to save electricity.


The U.S. alone uses 4.4 trillion kwh in one year and 40 billion kwh a day. To make the electricity to power this world, 10 billion tons of Carbon Dioxide is emitted into our air. As time goes on, the amount of CO2 builds.

The best way to fix this is use different types of alternative resources such as hydro power, wind power and solar power. All of these different resources do not need fuel to power them and can save our electricity usage problem.


Click the link below to see the survey I sent out for others to answer


Survey results

From the information I gathered..

  • 98% say they turn off their lights when they leave the house
  • over 85% say they turn off their A/C and heating when they leave their house
  • less than 70% say their lights are on 4-5 hours a day
  • over 85% say that their A/C and heating are on 8-9 hours a day.
  • 99% say that the amount of electricity we use is a bad thing and they believe that there are ways to reduce the amount.

link for results- https://docs.google.com/a/seminole.k12.tx.us/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqGiYUxpP3zNdEU0V0YtMy1tQlBQcmU1LWtpRTZoOEE&usp=sharing

Down below are the pamphlet I sent out to the recipients that let them know how they did, either good or bad and gave them information about the topic.