Memoirs of Alexander Campbell

Volume 1 - by Robert Richardson :: Jamison G. and Katie J.

Content by Chapter

  1. Campbell Heritage - Early Life and Education of Thomas Campbell (1763-1788)
  2. Early Life of Alexander Campbell - Early Influences on Alexander Campbell - Thomas' Ministry & Political Standing (1788-1803)
  3. Thomas' Academy in Rich Hill - Alexander's Increasing Spirituality and Education - Increasing Separation in Ireland (1804-1805)
  4. Independency Influence on Thomas Campbell - Missionary Efforts (1803-1804)
  5. Alexander's Gift in Teaching - Thomas' Migration to the United States (1807)
  6. Letter from Thomas Campbell - Small Pox Delay for Departure - Departure for America (1808)
  7. Shipwreck near Scotland Coast - Kind Reception in Islay - Alexander's Church Observations - Manner of Prayer (1808)
  8. Journey to Glasgow - Appreciation for Nature, Music, and Poetry - Arrival at Glasgow (1808)
  9. Alexander attends the University of Glasgow - Religious Studies (1808-1809)
  10. Various Ministerial Circumstances - Influences on the Life of Alexander Campbell (1783-1816)
  11. Alexander Establishes Doctrinal and Ministerial Views - Separation from Presbyterian System - Second Departure for America (1809)
  12. Voyage to America - Arrival at New York - Traveling to Philadelphia - Alexander's First Impressions - Campbell Family Reunited (1809)
  13. Disagreements with the Presbyterian Church - Establishment of a Christian Association (1809)
  14. Alexander's Observations on Church Partyism and Unity - Christian Association formed - Restoration, not Reformation - Advocating for principles in "Declaration and Address" (1809-1810)

  15. Alexander's Preparation for Christian Movement - Social and Educational Reforms (1810)
  16. Alexander's First Discourses - Thomas Campbell Attempted Communion with Presbytery Rejected - Alexander's Response (1810-1811)
  17. Campbell Values - Friendships and Marriage with the Browns - Establishing Brush Run Independent Church - Alexander's First Preaching Tour (1811)
  18. Alexander's Preaching Tours and Ordination - Government and Authority in the Church - Turning to Immersive Baptism (1811-1812)
  19. About Faith, Belief, and Conversion (1811-1812)
  20. Doctrinal Points, Views, and Questions - Joining the Redstone Association (1811-1813)
  21. Alexander's Agricultural, Social, and Family Life - Scheming Against Alexander - Sermon on the Law (1813-1816)
  22. Continued Opposition - Establishment of Buffalo Seminary - Friendship with Walter Scott (1817-1819)
  23. Fight for Moral Conscience not Moral Law (1820-1822)

Date, Scope & Useful Features

The Memoirs of Alexander Campbell, Vol. 1 was written in 1868 at the request of Campbell's wife and children after his death in 1866. Starting with Alexander's parentage and continuing through his opposition towards "Moral Societies," The Memoirs is a detailed biography of a major Restoration figure. The Table of Contents is a useful feature, giving a thorough list of the content found in each chapter, which makes specific material easy to find.

Approach, Point of View, & Level of Writing

Richardson approaches The Memoirs wanting to give an all-inclusive biography on Alexander Campbell. Because Richardson was a close family friend of the Campbell's, the book's voice is pro-Campbell and pro-Restoration. Anyone could read this book; the concepts are not difficult, and though the language is older it is not hard to understand.

A Little Background on the Author

Robert Richardson was a medical doctor who had been "intimately acquainted [with Alexander Campbell] from boyhood." In fact, he worked with Alexander Campbell as a teacher and administrator at Bethany College. Though he was young enough to be Campbell's son, they were good friends until he died.