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K-3: SEL – 7 Mindsets: We are Connected
Scope and Overview: This unit will encourage students to seek out and maximize positive relationships with people who can help them achieve their dreams. Students will explore the idea of surrounding themselves with people who build them up and inspire them to live their best lives. They will learn to actively seek ways to offer kindness in order to strengthen these relationships. READ MORE HERE

4-5: Botvin Life Skills: Smoking Information and Advertising
Scope and Overview: Children are experimenting with tobacco at younger and younger ages and are developing attitudes about it. They naturally wonder what they are missing. Studies show that if people have not started smoking by the time they are 21 years old, they probably won’t start. Teaching this in middle school and high school is now too late and research shows that students now need to learn about tobacco in elementary school. The tobacco industry often targets children to buy their products and sometimes they use “tricky techniques” to persuade people to buy cigarettes. We will teach awareness and help them analyze a real tobacco advertisement.


  1. Do a random act of kindness for someone.

  2. Plant trees or wildflowers to help regrowth after all the fires last year.

  3. Make a "sunshine" box with happy things in it for someone who needs an uplift.

  4. Create a "birthday" box - put cake mix, frosting, candles, as well as a few toys in a box and give to a friend or donate to a local food pantry.

  5. Improve the community and pick up litter at a school, a park or a neighborhood.

  6. Make treats for a local senior home.

  7. Draw pictures or write letters for a local senior home or service men/women overseas.

  8. Hold a "Penny Drive" - collect pennies all year long and at the end of the year, donate the money to a charity.

  9. Collect old newspapers, blankets, towels and pet food to donate to a pet shelter.

  10. Help clean up a neighbor's yard, rake leaves or pull weeds.

  11. Collect food, warm clothing, toys, or personal care items for the needy. Deliver to shelters. Remember shelters are in need of supplies all year long!

  12. Make centerpieces, holiday cards, birthday cards, and notes for assisted living facilities, children’s hospital wards, or meals on wheels.

  13. Collect old clothes and donate them for a dress-up area at a daycare or family shelter.

  14. Make a holiday basket for a family you know or for someone in need or crisis.

  15. Put together a care package for service men/women.

  16. Make bookmarks and leave them in a basket on the library counter for other students to take one when they check out books.

  17. Establish a pen pal project with senior citizens in a nursing home; children in a local hospital, or children in another country.

  18. Hold a used book sale after school. Donate collected funds to a worthy cause.

  19. Have a book drive to collect new and excellent condition used books for children who do not have access to many books.

  20. Adopt an animal from the World Wildlife Foundation.



Youth suicide is a serious public health issue in Utah. Our state ranks in the top five in the nation with the most significant mental health concerns. It is important that we understand how to identify the warning signs and know where to find the support, if needed.

Please review this link: Suicide Awareness for UTVA Families for more information.


Whether it's something big, something small, or something where you're not even sure what it is, don't ignore it. Try talking to someone. It's always better to be safe. Download the SafeUT app today:

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