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abaut the city

Mérida is a city in the Spanish region of Extremadura where Mérida is the capital. Mérida was founded by Rome in the year 25 B.C. by the emperor Octavian Agustus. The city is one of the most important in Spain . In the actually Mérida has got 58,985 inhabitants.
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The more famous buildings are the theater, the amphiteater, and the circus.

The theater was where different types of plays are formed.

The amphiteaterwas was uses for gladiatorial contests.

the circus was uses for racing


In my opinion , I think that Mérida is a good place for know more of history of Mérida and Spain and I think that is beautiful city. Also the population of Mérida is very kind and friendly...So come on , you can go to visit the fantastic Mérida!
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