GB Men's Water Polo News

Week of September 15

Schedule This Week

This week we only have one game. We play Grand Ledge at home on Wednesday, September 17, with Varsity playing at 6:00 and JV playing at 7:00.

You can access the game schedule here.

Volunteers Needed

Thank you parents who volunteer to make the home games a success. Volunteers get into home games free.

We are still looking for volunteers to help the Miller's set up, serve, and clean up after home games and during away tournaments.

JV Parents will need to provide food for the JV Tournament at Troy Athens Friday, September 25, and Saturday, September 26. A group of JV parents need to volunteer and make arrangements for providing food. Roy Sovis will provide the schedule for the tournament as soon as it is received; parents who volunteer to help with food can consult with Varsity parents on how to make it happen.

Freshman and sophomore parents, if you are not already serving please start to consider how your talents can benefit the team next year. Make an effort to get to know the junior an senior parents who are already serving and can help you learn what to do.

Picture Day

We are waiting to hear from Gavin Smith Photography to verify picture day. When we have an exact date and time we will let you know via email and in the weekly update.

Since Gavin will need to start setting up at 3:30, we are challenged with scheduling pictures on a day when the girl's swim team has an away meet.

If you would like to check out some of Gavin's work click here.