Principal's News

Week 9

Happy Easter..... happy holidays

Although only a nine week term, there seemed to be a whole lot packed into it. We tend to take advantage of the warm weather as we know that the cooler days are not so far away. Already there is a crispness to the air in the early morning and in the evenings and have you noticed how dark it is at 6am.

Thank-you for your work over the past term. New staff, new students, new team members, new ways of doing things. For some it has been easy but for others, a challenge. I hope that Term 2 is just as hard working but that St Augustine's now has a comfortable familiarity that takes away some of the stresses and uncertainty.

Have a great holiday, travel safely, come back smiling!

Useful kitchen tools....

Funny IPad Commercial

Last bits......

  • I have a teacher vest and pair of sunglasses in my office. I think they belong to someone who did a PSG with me. Please just collect.
  • Tony Richards - 7.30 in Cooinda.
  • Put it back, tidy it up, cover it, throw it out, lock it up..... and then you can go on holidays.
  • Security, security, security .... especially if you are in over the holidays
  • The official finish time for school at the end of term is 2.30pm. Our students finish at 1pm. Teachers may leave after 1.30 but only if all requirements are completed. Please don't push my buttons!
  • 5/6's, Jason is going to do some painting in your rooms over the holidays. Can you make sure that there is no furniture against your [painted] walls.
  • Did I say clean and tidy, inside and out.