The Heart of Haleʻiwa

September 3, 2021 Volume II Issue III

In this Issue...

  • Friendly Reminders
  • 4th Grade Bike Ed by Ms. Yonekura
  • Honor Guards:
  • ʻĀINA in Schools by Ms. Santos and Mrs. Lee
  • Literacy Corner: Sora App
  • 3rd Grade Writing Club: Who Has the Best Job in the World and Why?
  • Choose Love September Calendar
  • COVID 19 and CHOOSE LOVE by PCNC Mrs. Sumbad
  • Kākou Connection by Mrs. Nakamura

A SIMPLE REMINDER... for the safety of your child

Please don't send your children to school before 7:15 am.
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Bike Ed

by Ms. Yonekura

The 4th Grade Classes had a great week participating in the Bike Education Program. Coach Andrew and Coach Taylor came to our school to teach our 4th Graders about Bike Safety. The 4th Graders learned how to properly check their bicycles before riding, how to ride their bikes safely on the road, and how important it is to use hand signals and communicate with people around them when riding their bike. The 4th Graders even got to go out and ride in the community and to Kaiaka Bay! It was a great week with Bike Education!
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Honor Guards: Traffic Safety Sign-Waving

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by Mrs. Yamakawa

The District 2 Community Policing Team (Mililani/Wahiawa/North Shore) hosted a “Community Traffic Awareness Program” sign-waving event at our school on August 30. HPD officers and our Honor Guards waved signs bearing different safety messages to promote safe and responsible driving in Hale'iwa, especially around our school. Mahalo Honor Guards, Officer Tim, and the D2 Community Policing Team!

ʻĀINA in Schools

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by Ms. Santos and Mrs. Lee

On Saturday, August 28th, Kōkua Foundation hosted ʻĀINA Curriculum Training on the Kōkua Learning Farm here in Haleʻiwa! Ms. Lee, Mrs. Tuvera, Ms. Charisse, and Ms. Santos attended. Even though it was a hot August afternoon, everyone was able to look past the heat and enjoy their time at the Kokua Foundation farm.

The teachers enjoyed learning about composting, which is the ʻĀINA curriculum for the third graders. The process of making a worm compost bin was fun! Teachers first had to tear wet cardboard to make the "bed." After that, they were able to place the worms in mud, some apple for them to eat, and were covered with shredded newspaper and a cardboard lid. Students will be able to continue to upkeep their compost bin throughout the year.

Mrs. Lee and Miss Charisse got some new ideas on how to teach their grade 1 ʻĀINA lessons by creating a green bean screen using T posts and chicken wire. They also got to experience walking through the rows of butterfly flowers, sunflowers, and vegetables. They also got to learn about nutrition which is taught in grade 2 and grade 6 curriculum. They even got to taste a poi smoothie.

This year, our teachers and EAs will be incorporating the ʻĀINA in Schools lessons throughout the year. Almost all classes have a garden bed and will also be using the greenhouse.

Literacy Corner

Download the Sora app

Have you downloaded the Sora app yet? All students are encouraged to use the Sora app to read books. The Sora app is a favorite resource for our students to access ebooks. This summer, more than 300 books were added to the library. The Sora app has read along books as well as audiobooks. Books can also be placed on hold.

Don't have a smart device? No problem! You can also access Sora online on any device with Internet connectivity. Happy reading!

Students can simply login using their school credentials on virtually any device.

3rd Grade Writing Club

Who Has the Best Job in the World and Why?

This week, students in Ms. Felz's class wrote a paragraph about who has the best job in the world. Below, you can find out who Jocelyn Riggen and William Simpson think has the best job in the world.


by Jocelyn Riggen
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Police Officers

by William Simpson
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Choose Love

Let this calendar inspire you to start Choosing Love every day. There are little things you can do each day to show Courage, Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Compassion. This is how you Choose Love and these acts benefit you and so many others. Let's create a Choose Love ripple effect that reaches far and wide this month and through the year!

At the end of the month, share with us some of your pictures and stories.

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A Four Part Series on How to Use CHOOSE LOVE During the Pandemic

This past year has changed our lives in so many ways. The COVID Pandemic not only affects our physical and financial well-being, but challenges our mental, social, spiritual and emotional lives as well. Schools and families alike struggle with the ever changing mandates to keep us safe and COVID free. To say the least, it is a very stressful time for us all.

This article (Part 1 of 4) is meant to encourage you to CHOOSE LOVE when dealing with the many stresses brought about by COVID 19. The CHOOSE LOVE MOVEMENT uses four components: courage, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion-in-action to deal with every day issues including the stresses brought about by the pandemic. Consider the following:

COURAGE: According to Dragana Djukic, author of 'The Six Types of Courage', there are six types of courage we may need to face life challenges:

  1. Physical courage – Feeling fear yet choosing to act. It involves bravery at the risk of bodily harm or death and, developing physical strength, resilience and awareness.
  2. Emotional courage – Following our heart. Open us to feeling the full spectrum of emotions – pleasant and unpleasant – without attachment.
  3. Intellectual courage – Expanding our horizons, letting go of the familiar. It is about our willingness to learn, unlearn and relearn with an open and flexible mind.
  4. Social courage – To be ourself in the face of adversity. Involves the risk of social embarrassment or exclusion, unpopularity or rejection. It also involves leadership.
  5. Moral courage – Standing up for what is right. Involves doing the right thing even when it is uncomfortable or unpopular.
  6. Spiritual courage – Facing pain with dignity or faith. It helps us live with purpose and meaning through a heart centered approach towards all life and oneself.

I'm sure we can use all six types of COURAGE during this time of uncertainty. Please join us for Part Two of the series which will cover GRATITUDE, in our next issue of The Heart of Haleiwa. Until then, take good care!

Kākou Connection by Mrs. Nakamura