Computer Hardware

by Lucy Tait :D

Hard Drive and SSD

A hard drive stores all of the data, files and applications for your computer. You can easily retrieve them when you want. It is a small disc.


An ssd stands for solid state drive. Its smaller, lighter but does the same job as a hard drive.

Optical Drive

This is used to read discs, such as blu-ray, CDs and DVDs. these are used in Computers, xboxes, play stations, and other game consoles.


A moniter is the screen that displays the information and the data.


A motherboard is the link to all the pieces of the computer. It gets the name because its the 'mother' the head of all the pieces. The Board part comes in because it is the base that all the piece go on. the CPU and the hard drive are attached to.

RAM (Random access memory)

RAM stores all the games and webpages. It stores all the access memory that you will need shortly later. If you copy and paste something, its a quicker way than saving it. Its generally a quicker way to do things.