Partners with students

student assessment

Assessment supports learning rather than judging achievement. Assessment also help teachers find out what students know, what they don’t know to better support the child. I participate in the assessments because they are the ones we used for our curriculum which is the highscope curriculum and the ones mandated by our grantee for our headstart program.we have used assessments to measure how much our students have learned up to a particular point in time. We were using an assessment called the birgance screening to see whether our students are meeting standards set by the early childhood curriculum we are now using ages and stages and I have no idea of how to deliver because it is measured by the parent and teacher. I have succeeded in making my students partners in the assessment by observing them and asking open-ended question and ask for feedback from the children. Creating a assessment that the student accomplishment in any discipline focuses on student learning instead of assigning grades. This requires students to be involved as partners in the assessment.

students assessment